House Cleaning


House Cleaning with a 200% Guarantee

We trust our employees will shine for you. So confident, we offer a 200% Cleaning Guarantee. It’s simple. Call us within 24 hours of your housecleaning and we will return and re-clean all areas that didn’t meet your satisfaction. Still not satisfied, call us. We will head right back over so we can find out what we need to improve your housecleaning. Once confirmed we will refund your payment and make a donation to Nationwide Children’s Hospital or the charity of your choice – for the same amount. Pretty neat, right?

Sorry, but a couple of rules – we don’t offer this for a one-time, first-time or hourly cleaning.

A Dozen Reasons We Should be Your Cleaning Company of Choice

Answer Yes or No if you value the following:

Lists We’ve Never Had to Make:

Benefits of Having your Home Cleaned

Our name says it all… More Time for You. You continue to have less time. What is important in your life? Family, friends, career, hobbies or just having time to do whatever. There is little time for household chores that have to get done. It use to be a luxury to have your house cleaned. To keep your sanity and stability, it’s a necessity.

Your home is an investment. Cleaning protects and maintains its value. A fresh clean home feels and smells better. Cleaning creates a healthier environment. After a long day, relax to the serenity of a clean and refreshed home. You’ll feel better instantly. More Time for You products are selected to improve air quality. This led us to green products and HEPA vacuums.

Primary objective – clean and remove harmful allergens. Forty+ pounds of dust enters a home each year. Dust mites by the millions, more with pets. We aim to take those harmful allergens with us.

Royal Treatment – What We Clean.

We will accommodate virtually any specific house cleaning request you may have.

We provide weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning services. We try to send the same maid each and every time to your home if you select a weekly or biweekly schedule. If you select monthly cleaning, you may not have the same housekeeper on each visit.

Move In/Out & One Time Cleans

We excel at move in/out and one time cleans. Excellent for new home buyers or sellers. Apartment turnover – got it covered. Adjust the cleaning service to match your expectations, our pleasure.

How long to complete a move in/out cleaning? No simple answer as it varies based on the general condition, the number of rooms and bathrooms, if there are appliances to be cleaned and the level of detail cleaning you are seeking. Expect it to take a minimum of 6 hours. A kitchen with appliances can take 3 hours or more. A Master Bathroom with soap scum and/or mildew build up – over 2 hours. We will send you a priority cleaning checklist which will assist you with the cleaning process.

We have a minimum fee and we charge one time cleans by the hour.

A Couple Other Worry-Free Features:

Reliability Reassurance – We plan to be at your home on your scheduled cleaning day or the next business day. If not, you can earn a $10.00 credit on your next cleaning. If we offer next business day cleaning and you decline or wish to make it a different day, then this does not apply. To receive your $10.00 credit, simply write “Reliability” on your home cleaning invoice when you remit payment. We will credit your next invoice $10.00 (Holidays and weather emergencies are excluded.)

Tender Touch Pledge – Accidents happen so we pledge to remedy the situation to your satisfaction. For us to resolve a broken or damaged item, we need a description, the value and a receipt if available. If it is no longer available, we will attempt to replace it with a similar or like item. For items that exceed $200 we may seek assistance from our insurance carrier to determine the validity of the claim and request their assistance in determining the proper value of the item in question. Reimbursement may come in the form of a credit or a claims settlement from our insurance carrier. If an item is turned over to insurance for processing, then they are responsible for the final determination of the loss. If you have any questions, please call our office.