Lawn Care Service

We have Limited Availability of Lawn Services in Powell ONLY.

200% Lawn Mowing Guarantee

We take care of your lawn like it is our own. We don’t cut corners, we cut grass.

When Tim heard about our 200% Cleaning Guarantee, he didn’t want to be left out. So, if you are not satisfied with your lawn mowing, we will refund the cost of service and make a donation in the same amount to Nationwide Children’s Hospital or a charity of your choice  Just tell us the reason why so that we can make adjustments to exceed your expectations.

OK, little fine print – our guarantee excludes mowing problems due to rain and one time cuts.

Our basic lawn care program includes weekly mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. Unfortunately we have to limit our lawn mowing service area to Dublin and Powell.

Mowing Frequency:

We perform mowing on an as needed basis. During the spring and heavy rain periods, we will mow at least once a week. There may be times when we will need to double cut. Our fee for a double cut is 1 1/2 time the normal mowing rate. During the summer or other periods with little rain, we may skip some mowing’s if there is little growth. If you have an irrigation system, we will most likely be at your home every week.

We do not offer, biweekly, every third week or monthly mowing services.


We use a 60” Exmark Zero-Turn Lazer.  This is a heavy piece of equipment.  While we are careful when we mow, there may be conditions that might cause some indentations or tire marks in your yard.  This might happen as a result of an uneven slope in your yard or in areas where there is poor drainage or when there has been significant rainfall.  We also have a 36” Exmark for use in tighter spots or when there is a gate or other obstacles to navigate around.

During periods of extended rain or heavy rain, our equipment may cause tire marks in your turf and tire marks on your driveway and sidewalks.  The driveway and sidewalk tire marks will eventually disappear; turf marks may remain for a longer period of time.   (Please inform us immediately if you wish to suspend mowing services during periods of extended rain.  These conditions are unavoidable and MTFY cannot be held responsible for them).

Double cutting:

If we need to double cut your grass for any reason, we don’t double charge but we do charge 1.5 times the amount normally due. Double lawn cutting should not normally be necessary. Springtime, extended weather delays, or modified mowing frequency might make a double cutting your turf necessary.

New Sod Lawn Mowing Release

If your lawn has new sod on it, we will not cut for a minimum of 4 weeks after it has been installed.  You must follow the watering directions of the company who installed your new sod.  MTFY uses commercial mowing equipment which weighs much more than a residential mower.  If you select MTFY for mowing of new sod, then we do require that you hold us harmless from any and all damage to your new sod as a result of our normal mowing.  MTFY will not replace or be asked to replace any sod that we mow, unless we are intentionally negligent.  By accepting this agreement you acknowledge your consent and understanding of this agreement.

New Tree Release

Please notify us immediately of any new trees in your yard.  For the protection of your new trees, MTFY will not trim around them.   If you authorize us to trim them, we are not responsible for any resulting damage. By accepting this agreement you acknowledge your consent and understanding of this agreement.

Clean up/Blowing:

We will blow off grass on drives and sidewalks when finished. Rainy days will leave some grass and tire tracks visible. Everyone wants to avoid cut grass from flying into mulch beds – we do to. As hard as we try it’s almost impossible. Thanks for your understanding.


You have got to love Columbus weather. It sure makes it tough for a consistent mowing day. We will schedule your mowing for the same day of the week each week. However, please bear with us during those rainy patches. Summer heat can create the need for changes. We will modify the frequency of cutting based on current conditions.

Property line:

When you just get started with us, let us know if we hit the property line right. Should we miss the property borders, please send us an email at or call us at 614.760.0911 to alert us and we’ll make the right adjustments.

Yard/Underground Fixtures:

Please alert us and mark any underground or above ground items that might be prone to damage.  Some of these include irrigation systems, invisible fences, cable lines, outdoor lighting lines, electrical lines or any other areas that could be damaged by trimming, edging or aerating.  More Time for You is not responsible for damages for items that have not been disclosed and marked.  We do our best to move all obstacles (such as toys and trampolines) but if it is excessive we will mow around. 


We do not guarantee the same day or time of arrival each time we mow at your home.  This is due to logistics and weather.  During the summer months, the frequency of cutting may decrease.  We will modify the frequency based on the current conditions.

Vendor & Insurance:

Services are provided by More Time for You.  We are fully insured.


Invoices will be mailed or emailed monthly.  As a licensed vendor we are required to collect and remit sales tax on lawn mowing services.  All clients are required to submit a credit card number to keep on file.


We offer the convenience of Automatic Check Payments – (ACH.)  Payments are due within 10 days of invoicing.  If payment is not received after 10 days, we will automatically charge your credit card on file.  If you do not have a credit card on file, we may suspend services if payments are not received within this ten day period.

Neighbor Discounts:

We will provide a 5% discount to both you and your adjoining neighbor when both of you have full season mowing services with us.  We will increase the discount to 10% if three or more connected properties start services.  The discount is only valid as long as service is ongoing with all parties.

Canceling Services:

All cancellations must be in writing.  If you send an email and don’t receive a confirmation of receipt, call us at 614.760.0911 because we did not receive it.

We also offer Aeration Services  to the Dublin and Powell area.