A Cool Time-Saving iPad App

Getting (and staying) organized is usually at the top of everyone’s list of New Years’ Resolutions. But, rather than wait until December 31st, why not get started now? After all, the best way to save time and therefore enjoy the holiday season to the fullest is by organizing your life, or at least your to-do lists, as well as the rest of your life.

To get started on your time-saving “mission” check out the 52 Organizing Missions iPad app. It costs $9.99, but it may revolutionize your life — at least help your get better organized and save time in the process. The app breaks down standard chores like sorting and filing away  household finance papers, cleaning out your car, doing basic household chores and cleaning out your closet into 30-minute chunks of time. The timer included with the app will help keep you on task as you organize your life 30 minutes at a time.

If you are unable to get motivated and aren’t sure where to begin the process, the app has plenty of tips for things like: how to spend less time on chores, how to create your ideal weekly schedule, how to declutter surfaces and how to determine which CDs, DVDs and books to keep and which to get rid of. Think of all of the time you will save as your clear out your clutter and check everything off of your to-do list one half hour at a time! And, of course, if the clutter sneaks back in and your to-do lists starts to look unmanageable again, you can always go back to the app and continue on your path to total organization, time-saving, and a less



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