Air Filter Changing

Air filters act like window screens. Just like a window screen keeps out unwanted things — like insects, leaves blown from trees and even small birds — an air filter keeps unwanted and sometimes harmful items from circulating throughout your house with every cycle of the furnace or central air conditioner. Not only do the air filters work in this capacity, but they also keep your air conditioner and furnace running efficiently. These appliances run on closed-air systems, which keep the same air circulating throughout the house on a continual basis. The second that they cannot get enough air to heat or cool, they begin running erractically, using more electricity to do the same job. Changing your filters solves this problem.

Because of this, the air filters in your home needs to be changed on a regular basis. The standard time period is at least once a year, or even every six months, possibly more if you or someone who lives with you has horrible allegeries. If you have a lot of pets, especially cats and dogs whose loose hairs end up getting everywhere, then you may have to change your air filters more frequently.

The actual process of changing an air filter tends to be fairly simple, and air filters themselves are inexpensive. There are several different sizes and thicknesses available on the market, so pay close attention to the current filters to prevent purchasing one that does not work with your air conditioning unit or furnace. If you are unsure of where to begin or are unable to physically reach the air filters due to a handicap or disability, then a local handyman service will be able to do the job for you.

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