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Good Morning- I think it is important for you all to know how happy Tommy and I are with the service that we receive from MTFY. The house- cleaning is consistently excellent. We have had Tim come out and work on our condo a few times this year- he is FANTASTIC! I have very definite ideas of how I want our house arranged and decorated. Tim is very patient with every strange request. He takes the time to work out small details that had never even occurred to me when I thought out a couple of my projects. One example of this is the door pull on a new door he installed-he made a suggestion that worked much more practically than the pull I had wanted to use- The reason the door had to be replaced was that I kept putting on a door pull that was not right for the door. He took such time in installing our canister lights- and even devised a switch for them that is concealed in the cabinet. Thank you very much! All of you– Tim, the ladies in the office and the cleaners make our life much easier and really give us ” more time for us”! Have a good day- Sincerely , Tom and Lisa Martin

Thanks Tom & Lisa

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