Are Clients Getting Tougher to Please?

More Time for You Offers a 200 Percent GuaranteeDo you find yourself dissatisfied with the residential maid service you’ve hired to clean your home?  Have you been told that you’re impossible to please or that you ask too much?  Before you give in to these assumptions, evaluate the cleaning agency you have employed.  Maybe it’s not you, but them!

What to Look for in a Cleaning Company

When you hire a service provider, you expect results.  Good quality can be hard to find; it is imperative that you do your research before making a decision.  Excellent cleaning companies will have the following characteristics:

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Loyal clients that give five star reviews
  • Proven track record in your community
  • Low turn-over
  • Drug free employees
  • Insurance for damages or injuries
  • Award winning

While there may be many low cost cleaning agencies in your area, don’t let price determine your choice.   Going with a cheap option could cost you time, energy, and more money for a second cleaning!

Service Guarantee

Residential cleaning services don’t always guarantee their work.  If you hire an individual, they can’t often stand behind their work the way a company can.  Great cleaning agencies will go above and beyond a 100% guarantee and provide not only a refund, but something extra to ensure that you know your concerns are important.  Successful companies listen to their clients’ needs and prove that they care. 

Who Should Clean your Home?

If you are looking for a residential cleaning agency to clean your Columbus, OH home, look no further than More Time for You!  This trusted name has been providing superior cleaning services for the past twelve years.  Clients agree that More Time for You is top-notch and exceeds expectations.  If you feel that your maid service isn’t getting the job done, consider hiring More Time for You.  You will be pleased, guaranteed!

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