Area Cleaning: Closet Cleaning Tips

Closet Cleaning IdeasThe change of seasons is a time when many of us realize that it’s time to do area cleaning inside your home, like cleaning out the closets.  Your closet may be overflowing with summer clothes, leaving no room for your fall wardrobe.  When you look closely, you probably realize that most of the clothes in the closet are things that you never wear, anyway.  Using a private cleaning service is the optimal way to get those closets neat and organized.  But if you’re not in the market to hire a cleaning services company, here are three tips to get you started on your own.


  1. Break it up into smaller jobs.  When you start a big project and don’t have enough time to get through the whole thing at once, you end up with a bigger mess than when you started.  Work in sections. If you’re working on a bedroom closet, do shoes one evening, clothes the next, and handbags and accessories the next day.  If you’re tackling a bathroom or hall closet, try doing one shelf at a time.
  2. Be prepared to purge.  When you’re dealing with clothing or shoes, a good guideline is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year.  If it doesn’t fit you right now, get rid of it, too.  You don’t want to give yourself permission to gain weight by keeping clothes that are too big.  If you lose weight, you can reward yourself by buying new clothes in your new size.  Anything else should go to charity.
  3.  Take advantage of all the great options in organizational tools.  A set of wire racks is a great way to keep your closet’s top shelf organized and prevent those stacks of sweaters from falling over.  Hang a belt and tie rack in the back of the closet for a neat way to store awkward items without taking up much space.  You can use a clear plastic box with dividers to store jewelry so it’s easy to see and organized.

Once you’ve tackled a few closet shelves, you’ll want your whole house to look as good as those shelves do.  Get in touch with a private cleaning service in your area to get a jump start on your next projects.

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