Busy Bees

Musy BeesMore Time for You has always been about find more time for our busy bee clients.  Today we want to share how you can help some other busy bees.

Bees have been in a steady decline – which isn’t a good thing for you and me.  Here are a few ideas for your garden this year.  These are some plants that will attract bees in your yard.  If you have children or are allergic, you might want to avoid these altogether or place them in low traffic areas.  Our area is an Area 5 for plant hardiness.  That means you can plant perennials, flowers and herbs that can sustain temperatures as low as -20 F.  So here are some bee selections.

Catnip –  This is an easy perennial.  It will take about 20 days to germinate.  Plant it in a full sun or a partial shaded area.  This can get over three feet high and can bloom in Blue, Pink, Purple, White and Yellows.  Your cats will love them to.

Globe thistle is a frost hardy perennial flower.  You’ll find this as an easy one as well.  It does great in all types of soils.  Plant them about 2 1/2 feet apart and enjoy their colorful Blue and Purple blooms.

Heart ease or Wild pansy will bring some purple, yellow and white coloring to your gardens.  These grow to a height of about 6 inches, so you can toss a bunch together.

Lavender is also a frost hardy addition.  This is a pretty easy perennial that loves full sun.  It can grow to 5 feet, so leave some space in between  – about a foot and a half.  You won’t be dissappointed with the colors or the delightful fragrance.

Want some Oranges, Pinks, Red and White?  Toss in some Zinnia’s.  Place these in full sun and allow about 20 days for germination.

There you have it, some great ideas to help our local bee population.  More Time for You can help with your lawn mowing needs in Powell and Dublin. 





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