Campus Security Alarms

Burglars know that college dorm rooms are full of electronics. The average student has a television, BluRay or DVD player, stereo system, computer (usually a laptop) and a cell phone. Other things that might be in a dorm room include tablet computers, video game systems and other assorted accessories, like printers, iPhone speakers, and related goods. Basically, a dorm room is a burglars paradise, full of electronics that are easy to transport and just as easy to resell.

Many colleges have security systems in place to protect their students and their belongings. Electronic key cards, on-site guards, and state of the art access systems can help keep the wrong people out of dorms, but don’t work all of the time. Sometimes burglars access the rooms when they’re invited in by other students, or a door or window is left ajar. Either way, no matter how many security measures are in place, sometimes theft can still occur. And the last thing your son or daughter needs is to find his or her laptop computer, printer, or tablet computer missing right before finals week when that big research paper is due!

This is why college students need their own, inexpensive, in-room security systems. There are a number of different models available, for example, the Tattletale. This type of system is easy to install, and runs off of both battery power and standard electricity. Its set up consists of a single portable control panel, which is why its so perfect for a dorm room – there are no wires to run inside the walls of the room and no complicated controls to set up. Instead, you simply plug in the device and your college student’s room is protected. Alerts can be sent to his or her cell phone while he or she is out of the room for any reason, providing at least one less thing to stress over.

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