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How can I clean fruit or vegetables?

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Here is a quick tip to wash pesticides off your store bought fruits and vegetables.  Fill a pot with water and 3-4 Tbs of baking soda and wash away.

Now For the News

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Did you know that More Time For You started 30 years ago as a Florida news organization? Need proof? Check out the video above. We were ahead of the times in believing that reporting the news would be a thing of the past, like print newspapers are today, so we switched over to cleaning.

Back when we were a news organization, we specialized in spending more time on everything. Those in Florida who wanted more news on the local government, more in depth details on senior issues, and more sports (and who doesn’t want more sports) could tune in to our 9 hour long newscasts. We think that they were nine hours long, anyway. Sometimes memory fades with time, and since most of that time was spent gathering, collecting and talking about the news, our memories faded more quickly than they should have.

The real downfall of the news broadcasts wasn’t their length – that was manageable, although sometimes the broadcasters passed out mid-sentence. (After all, this was before energy drinks and double-shot espresso drinks.) No, it was the fact that we believed that reporting on the news would soon fizzle out. So we switched the entire company over to one that focused on cleaning, trained our broadcasters on the proper ways to hold a mop, and moved from sunny, warm Florida to cloudy, precipitation-heavy Ohio in order to become the company that you know and love today.

Although our focus has changed from reporting about issues to cleaning up tissues, we are happy. And those pesky television news broadcasts are going to vanish any day now, right?


Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day in February. We were never a news organization. See our About Us page for the real truth. We just think that it’s funny that back in the 1980’s this Florida news station was all about More Time For You.

Who is your favorite TV maid?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Maids have become such a large part of our culture that when they appear on television, we pay attention. The way that each part is scripted depends on the time period that the entire show takes place in. For example, there’s Downton Abbey, which takes place in England in the early 1900s. Fitting in with the time period and the atmosphere, the servants are shown as very proper and well-behaved. Contrast that with Alice, the housekeeper/cook/wise cracker on The Brady Bunch. The difference? About 50 years, a leap across the ocean, and a change from sterile civility to lighthearted humor.

Other popular TV maids span a time range that runs from the 1970s to the future. Some of the most well-known of these include Berta on Two and Half Men; Rosie the Robot from the cartoon show The Jetsons; Mr. Belvedere, who helmed a show aptly named Mr. Belvedere; Florida on Maude; Tony on Who’s the Boss, Florence on The Jeffersons, and Geoffrey on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  The differences between them were extreme, in some cases. You also need to take in account that some appeared on comedies, others on serious shows, and one was even a cartoon!

Choosing a favorite TV maid from this list, or even from one of the shows that did not get mentioned here, is a personal decision. Do you like your maids to be sarcastic know-it-alls who get their work done with a side of snark? (Berta) Or, do you prefer nothing but business? (Geoffrey) It might depend on the show, since everyone has an opinion on the TV show itself, if not on the characters (maids/housekeepers included.) So think about it: who is your TV maid?

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A Cool Time-Saving iPad App

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Getting (and staying) organized is usually at the top of everyone’s list of New Years’ Resolutions. But, rather than wait until December 31st, why not get started now? After all, the best way to save time and therefore enjoy the holiday season to the fullest is by organizing your life, or at least your to-do lists, as well as the rest of your life.

To get started on your time-saving “mission” check out the 52 Organizing Missions iPad app. It costs $9.99, but it may revolutionize your life — at least help your get better organized and save time in the process. The app breaks down standard chores like sorting and filing away  household finance papers, cleaning out your car, doing basic household chores and cleaning out your closet into 30-minute chunks of time. The timer included with the app will help keep you on task as you organize your life 30 minutes at a time.

If you are unable to get motivated and aren’t sure where to begin the process, the app has plenty of tips for things like: how to spend less time on chores, how to create your ideal weekly schedule, how to declutter surfaces and how to determine which CDs, DVDs and books to keep and which to get rid of. Think of all of the time you will save as your clear out your clutter and check everything off of your to-do list one half hour at a time! And, of course, if the clutter sneaks back in and your to-do lists starts to look unmanageable again, you can always go back to the app and continue on your path to total organization, time-saving, and a less



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Getting Rid of Salt Stains on Shoes

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

One of the most annoying things about the winter is the salt stains that end up on your boots. There is really no way to escape them, as roads, drive ways and sidewalks all get coated in rock salt after being ploughed and shoveled. And while you can ignore the salt stains that form on your shoes and boots, they will eventually end up looking messy and not very professional, especially if you work in an office and have to adhere to a dress code.

Treating your leather boots and shoes with a protecting spray, like those used to keep them getting water-damaged, will go a long way, but what about the pairs that have already been stained? No worries — they can be cleaned with a few simple household products. Here’s how:

For leather boots and shoes pour one tablespoon of white vinegar into one cup of water. Mix together well. Soak a cotton ball or pad in the solution, and wipe it over the stains to remove them. This works really well, because the vinegar contains acetic acid, which will dissolve the salt deposits almost immediately — although if you have a lot of built up stains, it may take a few swipes to remove them all. Set the shoes or boot aside and let them air-dry overnight before wearing them out.

If the stained boots are made from vinyl or have plastic sides, like those made for young kids, all that you need to clean the salt off is a glass of warm water filled with a few drops of dish soap. Dip a cotton pad or ball into the soapy liquid and wipe the boots until the salt is gone. Dry with a soft towel, or let them air dry overnight. This method also works for canvas shoes, for those of you brave enough to wear them out in the snow!


Simple Holiday Decor

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Now that your Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, the dishes have been washed, and the leftovers consumed (or at least put away for the future), it is time to start thinking about holiday decor. Some people go all-out and cover the entire front of their houses with lights, before completing the scheme with light-up inflatable snowmen, Santa Claus’ and Disney characters. However, holiday decorating does not need to be so complex. Sometime the simplest things can look just as festive, yet require much less time to put up. Take these, for example:

1) Hang a wreath on the door. A simple holiday wreath, whether a pine bough one with a red velvet bough or a wooden model made from thin branches and covered in pine cones, can bring a cheerful holiday look to the outside of your house. The best part? It will take literally minutes to hang.

2) Decorate a holiday tree. Placing a holiday tree right in front of your living room window and then covering it with lights and brightly colored ornaments makes a simple holiday statement. It will take anywhere from a half hour to several to position all of the lights and ornaments just right, but that is all of the holiday decorating that you need to do!

3) Hang a few strings of Christmas lights. Rather than going overboard and covering your entire house, just hang a string or two of lights in a window. Or, if you want the front of your house to look balanced, hang lights on the inside of your front windows. Lighting them will brighten up your house and put you and your loved ones in a holiday mood!

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Time Saving Magazines

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

There are more ways to save time than just those that involve hiring a cleaning service or a lawn care company. However, while these two are excellent time-saving methods, learning how to accomplish a lot of things in a short amount of time is something that takes practice, advice from knowledgeable people, and, ironically, time to work out and plan how you’re going to do things. There are many places to turn to for advice on this topic, including a few time saving magazines to help you get started.

1) Real Simple. This magazine is all about simplifying your life. From ways to organize every room in your house to suggestions on how to make a proper to-do list (and accomplish everything on it) Real Simple will help you stay on track and save time.

2) Taste of Home. It may sound strange to include a cooking magazine on this list, but some of the recipes included within the pages of Taste of Home will, indeed, save you time. If you’ve been on the lookout for quick and easy recipes that will save you time, then look no further than their crock pot recipes.

3) All About You. If you want to make clipping coupons easy, then it helps to have one or two sources that you receive them from, right? That’s what All About You accomplishes. Between the many coupons, recipes and time-saving tips, this magazine is worth the price and the time it takes to read it.

4) Family Handyman. Do you want to be able to fix things yourself quickly and easily? Then check out Family Handyman. Full of suggestions, tips and steps on how to complete basic repairs, you’ll be able to save time and and money by doing things yourself.

5) Men’s Fitness. From health and fitness tips to suggestions on how to organize your life, Men’s Fitness is a great time-saving magazine.

Every Door Direct Mail

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

For those of you who run small businesses, but are unfamiliar with the Every Door Direct Mail program run by the United States Postal Service, here are some basic facts:

– You can target homes and businesses in any area that you wish, thanks to their online tool. Simply enter an address, zip code, or city and state, and then select the exact neighborhoods or areas that you want to send your brochures or fliers to.

– You receive a discount on postage when mailing your brochures (or other information) to the homes that you’re chosen, thanks to the bulk mail discount.

– There are two different levels of Every Door Direct Mail for  you to choose from: Every Door Direct Mail Retail, and Every Door Direct Mail. Every Door Direct Mail Retail allows you to send up to 5,000 fliers or brochures per day, without needing a postage permit. The main Every Day Direct Mail option is for larger business that send more advertising; there is no cap on daily mailings, and a postage permit is required.

There is some paperwork involved, as specific size limits must be adhered to, and, in some cases (as described above) a permit application needs to be filled out, submitted and approved. In order to make it easier on small business, the United State Postal Service has set up a free kit that can be ordered off of their website that comes complete with more information, all of the details and all of the requirements for the program.

What does this mean for you? As a small business, it’s crucial to advertise. Unlike bigger stores, where advertising is taken care of by the parent company, you need to do it on your own. Without customers, you cannot survive, and if people do not know that you exist, they won’t purchase your goods or services. Thanks to programs like Every Door Direct Mail, you can send fliers and brochures out to the homes in your neighborhood, and, if they are done correctly, you’ll gain some business.

Columbus, Ohio Blogs – Which Ones Are Your Favorites?

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Columbus, Ohio is a diverse place, thanks in part to the fact that one of the largest universities in the country is located here. Yes, The Ohio State University and all of its Big Ten foot ball glory is in our fair city. On top of this, Columbus is the capital of the state, and home to the Columbus Dispatch, numerous restaurants and clubs, and many other things that make it a fantastic place to live. Still not convinced? Check out the five local blogs listed below:

1) Columbus Foodie – Recipes, restaurant reviews and food-related giveaways make up the content of this blog. Basically, if it can be eaten and is located in and around Columbus, Ohio, then it is covered here. People looking for creative dinner ideas or restaurant suggestions should look no further.

2) Columbus Underground – If something happens and Columbus Underground didn’t cover it, did it actually take place? Well, the answer to that is probably yes, but this news blog does cover many of the things that occur in Columbus — from the mildly entertaining to the incredibly important.

3) cBus Mom – Chock full of parenting advice and experiences, as well as a ton of things to do in Columbus that your kids will enjoy, cBus Mom is not to be missed by any local — or visiting — parents.

4) The Columbus Experience – Whether you live in the city and can’t come up with anything to do on a weekend, or are planning on visiting and want to know what you should see or do, check out The Columbus Experience for suggestions and ideas.

5) More Time For You –  of course we have to include our own blog! If you’re looking for lawn care tips, advice on how to choose a cleaning company, or even something fun, like this list of Columbus, Ohio blogs, then make sure to include us on your list of frequently-read blogs!

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Five Ways to Stay Cool

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

This is the time of year when the weather is both hot and muggy. To beat the heat, some people hide inside of their air-conditioned homes and offices, while others pack their bags and head straight to water parks. Here are five other ways to stay cool:

1) Have a water fight. Break out your stash of squirt guns, water balloons and hoses, and prepare to wage war on your family, as well as the other children in your neighborhood — and even a few of your adult neighbors.

2) Find a swimming pool to wallow in. It doesn’t have to be the pool in your backyard — you can hang out (with permission of course) in and around your neighbor’s pool, or go and swim some laps at the gym. You might also find that the community pool in your neighborhood, area or town is clean, well-kept and inexpensive to visit.

3) Find an air-conditioned cultural destination. If you insist on hiding inside of an air-conditioned building, why not go to a local museum, theatre or library? You can wander around the exhibits, see a live performance or film, or find a comfortable chair and read, all without breaking a sweat.

4) Run through the sprinkler. Not only will doing so make you feel like a kid again, but it will also water your plants at the same time. You’ll keep from sweating thanks to the cool water emerging from your hose.

5) Go camping. After a half-day in the tent, exposed to the full heat of the day, your body will adjust to the temperature and you won’t even notice how hot it is outside. This is the best way to beat the heat and enjoy nature at the same time!

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