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Maid Service and Your $500 Broken Led Crystal

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

No Worries - Broken GlassWhile hiring a maid for service can help your home life tremendously, there is a downside to allowing others into your home.  Accidents can happen.  However, there is a way to ensure that your valuables are safe and still enjoy the benefits of a maid service.

The Advantages of Using a Maid in your Home

Your time is precious.   Why waste it cleaning your home when you could be spending quality time with family or doing the things most important to you?  A maid service in Dublin can take care of the household chores and save you time and effort.  Also, a clean home is a healthy home.  Cut down on the dust and allergens that could be making you and your family sick.

Individual Cleaner vs. Cleaners Company

But the question still remains: What if one of my possessions gets broken or damaged due to a maid’s error?  If you have hired an individual maid for service, then the cost would come directly out of their wages.  They may even try to hide it or put it back together without your knowledge.  Any of these scenarios would be unfortunate for both parties.  However, if you call in cleaning services, you have the guarantee that if something is broken, they will work to replace it or reimburse you.  Also, this will not affect the maid’s pay and cause problems for another family.  Because professional cleaning and housekeeping companies carry insurance for such accidents, they are able to absorb maid service costs that an individual could not.

Other Benefits of a Cleaners Company

There are many other reasons to hire a professional cleaning and housekeeping service instead of an individual maid.  Think of the following that a company can accomplish:

  • Ensure that their employees are drug free.
  • Do background checks and investigate references properly.
  • Provide Worker’s Compensation if an employee is injured in your home.
  • Give the advantage of a trusted name and BBB rated business.

With all of these, More Time for You cleaning and housekeeping company is a reliable, worthwhile investment.  Reduce your stress level, make sure your possessions and home are protected, and create more time for the things you love by hiring the professionals.

I Fired my Housekeeper, what can happen?

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Personal Injury

So exactly what is a housekeeper?  It’s someone who can become an invaluable part of your life if they do a good job.  When you hire a housekeeper, you count on the person that you chose for several things.  You expect them to be punctual, to be honest and reliable, and most of all, to make sure that your house is really clean.  But if your house cleaner isn’t living up to your expectations, you may have to make the tough decision to fire them.  What is a housekeeper able to do if you fire her?  Here are some possible consequences of firing your house maid.


  • If you decide that you can’t work things out with the person that you hired to be your house cleaner and you have to fire them, that person can file an unemployment claim.  This is one reason why it’s beneficial to you to go through a housekeeping service when you hire a maid.  If you aren’t happy with the maid that you get, you can request a different person.  Then it’s up to the agency to decide whether they need to fire the housekeeper, and they are responsible for dealing with unemployment claims.
  • A housekeeper can then file a claim for back taxes, which essentially means that they want to claim back some of the money they paid into taxes while working for you.  This is just a major headache.
  • What’s even more serious is the fact that a former cleaner could state that they were injured while working for you and file a workman’s comp claim.  In most states it is against the law to fire someone who has filed a workman’s comp claim, and you’ll be stuck with having to pay wages and medical bills for a housekeeper who didn’t do a good job in the first place.

While you can save money by hiring an individual cleaner privately rather than using an agency or cleaning service, it may be more trouble in the long run.  What is a housekeeper going to do if you fire her?  If you have to fire your housekeeper, an agency will deal with that problem for you.  An agency should be bonded and insured.  If you hire someone privately and run into a problem – theft, shoddy work, or an on-the-job injury – you have a big mess that you have to clean up yourself.

If you want to avoid dealing with unemployment claims, claims for back taxes, or worker’s compensation claims, your best bet is to choose a trustworthy housekeeping agency to provide your cleaning service.

More Time for You has been providing award winning housecleaning, lawn care and handyman services to the Powell, Dublin and Northwest Columbus since 1999.  We screen all of our employees, do not use any independent contractors and cover all of our employees for Worker’s Compensation. Friend us on our MTFY FaceBook Page.

Using the Better Business Bureau to Find a Reputable Housecleaning Company

Friday, July 30th, 2010

For many years, the Better Business Bureau has been aiding consumers by taking their part against unscrupulous and crooked industries.  When a customer complains, the bureau listens, advises on what actions to take, and contacts the questionable business to reiterate the customer’s complaint.

Although the Better Business Bureau has no authority to act on the behalf of the individual or one business against another, it does furnish as much support as possible, and it provides all consumers with updated information on frauds and schemes that criminals use.  The consumer advocate still possesses the ability to make legislators and law enforcement groups take notice of the wrongs in the world.

With the advent of the internet, the BBB became more accessible to everyone.  You can find interesting and informative articles on many worthwhile things when you visit their website.  You can discover what con artists are concentrating on doing and learn the flags to look for when you are dealing with contractors or companies that are not on the up and up.

The BBB offers national and Canadian news and information, but most importantly, you can go to your region for facts on organizations.  Many of the businesses that you deal with regularly are members of the BBB.  If you deal with those who aren’t, you may be in for some surprises along the way.

The huge database of information at the BBB keeps track of businesses all over the country.  If a company moves from one area of the country to another, chances are the BBB has them in their database.  When a company has legal problems stemming from its dealings with consumers, that information remains in the system until someone checks into it.

Not all the information that the BBB offers is negative, however.  Companies who have provided good service find their way into the database.  The companies who are members of the bureau and have no unresolved issues receive good to excellent ratings, based on how those issues are resolved.  They have also recently implemented a modified grade scale, which provides a broader ranking scale.

Businesses who are not members of the BBB are not singled out as being bad, but if their record of accomplishment is not good, the bureau takes note of it.  It costs little to be a member of the Better Business Bureau, and many companies feel it is important to affirm their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Any entity that you consider as a possible service group to you personally or professionally should be checked out at the BBB.  If there is no information on the group, that is at least better than finding a problem.  It doesn’t make sense not to use this service whenever you are getting ready to engage a service provider.  It is quick, simple, and can be very informative.

We are proud of our A+ BBB Rating and are honor to have been the recipient of the 2005 BBB of Central Ohio Business Integrity Award.  We are also one of the several housecleaning companies that are accredited with the BBB.

You can check out ratings for Central Ohio companies at:

Trusting You Housecleaning Service Provider

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Last time I spoke about my unique trust situation.  I want to continue with that thought.

Trust is something that takes a long, long time to obtain from some people.  In some cases, it can be years before a comfort level is achieved from an individual or business.  Although it might not seem fair, all that trust can disappear in a moment when a business appears to be something other than what it was thought to be.

In the house cleaning business, it is necessary most of the time for the services to be performed while the client is away.  Developing trust between the individual and the cleaning company is not something to be aspired to; it is an absolute necessity.  When someone allows others into his or her personal residence, it needs to be understood that there is nothing to worry about as far as safety of possessions and privacy.

From the customer’s viewpoint, how can there be trust when a new house cleaning company is contracted?  If the name of the service was just pulled out of the phone book, what evidence is there that can give that feeling of security that your possessions and privacy will be safe?

Really, there isn’t a way to know about a business at first, but to safeguard yourself as best possible, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints registered against a company you are considering hiring.  Ask for references of other individuals or businesses the company has been in the employ of for an extended period.

From the cleaning contractor’s viewpoint, credibility is everything.  One situation where even the smallest article disappears from a home can result in a smear to the name of the business.  It is much harder to prove yourself innocent once you’ve been accused than it is to be blamed for something of which you were not a part.

Companies who have a good record are those who screen their employees well and do a masterful job of training all their help in how to not only clean, but to stay out of situations where they might be accused of any wrong doing or be tempted.

More Time for You has a reputation built on trust that comes with managing a business the right way.  That’s the reason that 75% of their customers give them the keys to their homes.  Do you trust your service provider?

Have confidence and rest assured that your privacy, your home, and your possessions are safe by using a reputable house cleaning service company.


Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I learned a valuable lesson just a few weeks ago, something that has forever changed my perspective.  We took a European vacation several weeks ago.  Our journey was focused on retracing the path my grandfather took as an Army Chaplain during WWII.  During our trip my mother celebrated her 80th Birthday while reconnecting with her father’s legacy.

Our trip started in Paris and in keeping with many travelers’ episodes wasn’t uneventful.  My mother’s Passport and Credit/Debit Cards had a different travel agenda on day two and ended up missing.  Hastily we returned to our hotel to cancel all of her credit/debit cards and find out how to secure a new passport.  We had to make a non-scheduled trip to the US Embassy in Paris the next day.  As we completed the paperwork, we were informed that the passport and credit/debit cards had been found and the individual had called the Embassy to report it.  He wanted to meet with us that evening when he returned to Paris – but our travel plans didn’t allow us to stay.

As we continued our trip, we realized that we really needed the debit cards as we had to have a cash deposit at a place we had intended to stay.    Enter – Nathalie Guenot.  Nathalie is from Xonrupt Longemor, France.  Nathalie had never met us.  We explained our situation to Nathalie and asked if she could help us get a cash advance against a different card we had with us.  The answer from the bank was no go.  So what did Nathalie do?  She wrote her bank a personal check for 1,600 Euro’s (about $2,000 US) and handed us the money with wiring instructions upon our return in a week.  Let me repeat that, she handed complete strangers 1,600 Euros and a piece of paper trusting that we would repay her.

Lesson Learned:

Prior to going to France, I have to admit I was guilty of some preconceived notions.  The French don’t like us and they don’t trust us.  How could I have been so mistaken?  Here were two examples in a three day time frame which completely reframed my point of view.  Would I have done the same?  I certainly would have returned the passport and credit cards – but would I have written a personal check?

We all form initial impressions and make judgments very quickly.  We have found that to be true in the housecleaning and handyman business as well.  Our customers are quick to formulate an impression on whether or not they trust us.  Thankfully – we seem to always pass that initial litmus test.

Nathalie – thanks for trusting my family as well and for changing my perspective. Vive la France.