Changing Maid Service Companies

Choosing to switch from one maid service to another is almost as hard as deciding to use a cleaning service in the first place. Some of the more common reasons behind changing maid service companies include price, quality and trust.

If you can no longer afford your maid service, before changing to a new, cheaper one, first contact your current cleaning service to see what your options are. You might be able to switch to a less-frequent cleaning schedule in order to save money. However, this doesn’t work in all cases, and if your service isn’t willing to work with you, you might have to switch to a new company.

Quality and trust are two issues that go hand in hand. If you feel that the quality of the cleaners sent to your home week after week has gone down, and you are finding uncleaned areas and piles of dust after they leave, then it is time to have a talk with the office personnel at your maid service company.

The same goes for issues that boil down to trust. Most cleaning service employees are honest, but sometimes things go missing. It may be due to the fact that you’ve misplaced the item, but it could also be a newly hired cleaner with sticky fingers. Again, a talk with your cleaning service will solve the problem, but, if you have hired a large cleaning service with plenty of employees, like More Time For You, rather than changing companies, you can have different cleaners sent out the next time and won’t have to change to a different company altogether.

This is one of the best reasons for hiring a large maid service company: if you have any problems they will work with you, so that you won’t have to go through the process of hiring a new cleaning service.

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