Clean Love

Tracie AllisonNine months ago we had the pleasure of Tracie Allison walking in our front door.   As you can imagine one of our true keys to our housecleaning success over the years has been our employees.  We’ve always placed a premium on attitude over aptitude.  We can train the later – but not attitude.  Those of you that have had Tracie in your home know what a delightful person she is.

Tracie shared with us some time ago that she had a fondness for writing.  I ask her if she would be willing to help with some content on our blog.  Here is what she wrote – we haven’t changed a word.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m a life-loving person filled with love.  When Craig asked me if I had interest in writing for the MTFY blog, my thoughts were a little mixed…I’m just a housecleaner, what could I possibly have to say that anyone would want to read?  But that is not true – I am not just a housecleaner.  By keeping love in my heart I always leave a positive, happy energy in the homes I clean.  So I used this energy as inspiration for “Clean Love.”

Clean Love

I scrubbed the scum

the counter, and the floor

Got that spider web

From above the door.


Topped the boxes with tissue flowers

Got the dust behind the TV

Folded all the kitchen towels

And neatly stacked your CD’s


Refilled your pets’ water dish

And tenderly scratched its head

Mindfully placed a dozen stuffed toys

On the toddler’s bed


But most importantly

I clean with care

Hoping you feel the love

that I left there.


I have to tell you, I think Tracie has elegantly described what we are all about.  There is so much more than just cleaning.  This is genuine and from the heart.  Thanks Tracie for telling our story so well, we are so lucky to have you on our team.


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