Cleaning – 10 Reasons We Don’t Like it

Cleaning your home is probably on the list of things you hate doing.  It certainly is for most people!  But what about those specific cleaning jobs you really don’t like to do—the ones that don’t necessarily need to be done every single day, but that you find yourself putting off again and again.

  1. Cleaning the toilet.  This part of the overall house cleaning process is definitely one of the worst.  No one likes to clean the porcelain throne, although there are now cleaning products that allow us to put it off for as long as possible.
  2. Scrubbing tile.  Cleaning any part of the bathroom is certainly no fun, and tile makes the list because it’s so difficult to get clean.  Soap scum build-up ranks among one of the toughest stains to get out, so you need some real elbow grease to get this job done!
  3. Cleaning the ceiling fans.  This job is less about being disgusting and more about being a pain because you’ve got to get the ladder out and hope you don’t fall off!
  4. Cleaning out the oven.  Even with a great oven cleaner, you still need some elbow grease to get this done.
  5. Scrubbing the top of the stove.  Whether you’ve got a smooth top stove or one with burners that you have to take off and scrub, this is definitely not a fun task.  Both require a lot of patience and some muscles.
  6. Cleaning out the fridge.  This needs to be done every so often to get rid of all those funky leftovers that are growing things in the back of the refrigerator!
  7. Wiping down the windows.  This job is annoying simply because it never seems like you’re done, and if you have a dog, you’re doomed to a life of nose smears on the glass.  Or are you?
  8. Mopping the floor.  This can be especially back-breaking if you’ve got dried gunk on the floor.
  9. Wiping the kitchen cabinets.  Who has time to do this?
  10. Vacuuming.  This one should be an aerobic workout!

Alright, you don’t like to clean – we get it.  Call More Time for You today 614.760.0911, we can help.

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