Cleaning Tasks for Kids

There are many different cleaning tasks that kids can do around the house that will make your life easier and teach them some responsibility. Whether you pay your kids a weekly allowance or simply want them to learn how to do things themselves, consider having them handle some of these simple chores:

– Dusting: All that is needed to dust the lower shelves of a bookcase, television screens, and any tables or chair legs is a damp cloth. If you have any breakable knickknacks (like statues, picture frames or anything else) instruct your kids to avoid those shelves. However, unbreakable items within reach are what your kids can easily handle dusting.

– Setting and clearing the table: Unless your kids are old enough to handle breakable items like glasses and plates, stick with having them set the tables with only silverware and napkins. To make the table setting chore even more fun, teach them to make simple origami sculptures out of paper towels or fabric napkins! However, if you go the kid-friendly route and use re-usable plastic cups and plates, your kids can help you out my setting and clearing the table with ease.

– Sorting laundry (not to mention putting it in hampers or laundry baskets): While your kids may not be old enough to use the washer and dryer, they can help you with the laundry by organizing it by color (lights, darks, bright colors) and by picking up their own dirty clothes. Nothing teaches them responsibility like having them put their clothes into a hamper or laundry basket every night. Plus, it saves you from having to pick their clothes up off of the floor!

– Picking up their toys: This is a great way to teach your kids responsibility — plus, if they have to pick up their own toys, they will probably think twice before emptying the toy box every day just to find that one toy that they wanted to play with.


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