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There is a more personal feeling when you have cleaning people in your home you hire individually. Many times, there may be ties with people that work for your friends or even a housecleaner who has ties to your family. Sometimes, it might appear that you can get a better deal money wise by using an independent person.

Before getting into a long-term relationship with an individual housekeeper, consider the negative situations that can arise from this option.

1. There’s an old saying about the dangers of conducting business with a friend or family member. You probably have already experienced that at some point in your life.

It may be easy in the beginning to think that this maid will never let you down or do something that requires you to terminate their services, but it does happen. There are often ramifications with other people you know, and you end up looking like the one at fault.

2. If the home cleaner you have hired does not do a good job, you have the personal situation of telling them you expect more. It has to be done one on one, and it is a difficult thing for some people to do. It becomes a decision to tell the person about the shortcomings or just accepting inferior service.

3. When the individual who does your cleaning gets sick, goes on holiday, or has family situations that prevent the work from being done, you are left without service. You can try to find someone else or do the work yourself. Bringing in someone who is unknown to you and has no affiliation with a housekeeping agency can be a trying and risky alternative.

Most relationships among people have tests at some point. It is better if personal and business associations are separated for the sake of your sanity and that of others. The saying that “familiarity breeds contempt” is very true when there is a personal stake in a business situation.

When you deal with a company to clean your home, you may come to like the people who do the work, but you can still keep enough distance that it doesn’t get personal. If you have a problem with an individual, you aren’t responsible for getting into a discussion with that person; you simply call the company and discuss it there.

If the person who usually comes to your home is incapacitated, moves, or doesn’t show up for work, it’s someone else’s responsibility to handle that and you don’t spend your days looking for others to do the chores. Using a professional service relieves that burden from you.

Everything considered, it is a much better working arrangement to use a service company rather than an individual. You won’t have the worries of hurt friends or relatives, you will have more free time because the service handles everything, and you can rest easy knowing that your cleaning will be handled on a regular basis regardless of the personal situations of the individuals performing the work.

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