Drought – Worst Ever

A drought is loosely defined as a specific period of time (usually the span of several months, although it could last for a year or more) without a substantial rainfall. During this time, both surface and groundwater dry up and everything in the ecosystem is affected — from plants to wildlife. In order to conserve water, many cities and townships will begin to put limitations on the amount of water that you can use on your garden and lawn. To put it mildly, even if you hire a lawn care service, without proper water, there isn’t much that can be done during a drought to keep your lawn healthy and green.

There have been several historic droughts in the history in the United States, the most infamous of which is referred to as the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was caused by several years without rain in the 1930s. It effected the Great Plains states, with Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado being hit particularly hard. Because of the lack of groundwater, plants and other vegetation dried up, exposing the top layer of soil, which became hard and dry. Windstorms popped up due to the ecological conditions, and they would blow the dusty dirt around for hundreds of miles — with a good portion of it ending up near the Atlantic Ocean.

While the drought that we are experiencing this summer will, thankfully, not be as bad as the one that caused the Dust Bowl, it will wreak havoc on your lawn and garden if you don’t care for them properly. As long as there isn’t a moratorium on water, make sure to water your lawn and garden in the evenings at least several times a week.

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