Duct Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner or furnace after not having used it for a few months and watching tufts of pet hair waft out of the openings. Cleaning your air ducts and changing your air filters regularly can prevent this, and other unpleasant things from occurring.

According to the EPA, although duct cleaning hasn’t been proven to solve or prevent any health problems, cleaning your vents will rid them of dust and mold that will aggravate allergies and people with sensitive sinuses. And it has been proven that cleaning your ducts will make your furnace and air conditioner run better and keep your house warmer (or cooler) without having to pay a huge electric bill.

One of the best ways to keep your air ducts from getting clogged or contaminated is by keeping dirt and pet hair from entering the system in the first place. Changing your air filters will help a lot from this perspective, but sometimes holes can form and those unwanted things (like mice) manage to find a way in. In fact, if you have mold forming on any part of the air ducts, a mold or decomposition-like smell emanating from the vents, own cats or dogs, or if you just bought the house and have no idea when the vents were last cleaned, then it’s time to call in a professional to clean them.

A company that cleans your ducts will also check them thoroughly to make sure that there aren’t any holes where mice can get in, and if they find any, they will seal them up, as well as install new air filters and scrub the ducts clean with a soft bristled brush. This is important, since it not only will keep them clean in the future, but will help you furnace and air conditioner run better.

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