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Home Energy AuditEnergy Audits – Getting Green with Grown-up Gadgets

Not all the cool gadgets are for the kids.  There are some grown up gadgets that offer some neat solutions for homeowners.    Remember the creepy creature that Arnold fought in Predator?  Well, had this creature focused on good instead of total destruction of the planet, it could have uncovered some really neat things if you had it over for dinner.

As you might remember, and if you don’t watch The Predator Trailer on, it had a pretty sophisticated “Thermal Imaging” device in its helmet.  Now a mere twenty-two years later this same technology is available and can be used to explore some of the mysteries in your house.  Is it just a coincidence that the Predator had florescent green blood or was it a precursor that the technology it harbored had a green dimension to it?  I think the truth is obvious.

Alright, so what does this “Thermal Imaging” do and why should you care?  Well, if you’d read this far – going green is important to you.  Thermal Imaging can help.  A Thermal Imaging scan of your house can be completed with a thermal imaging camera.  This high tech gadget is able to detect temperature changes in your house. But the difference is, it will pinpoint exactly where you might have a problem, rather than guessing where a problem may be.

A thorough thermal imaging scan will show you where you are missing insulation.  It can detect where moisture is coming from.  You can visually see heat and energy loss though improperly sealed doors and windows.  It can even show you where other “predators’ might be nesting in your home with its sophisticated temperature technology.

Virtually everyone can benefit from a thermal energy scan.  A new homeowner who is at the end of their first year and covered under a new home warranty can feel some great peace of mind by having their investment inspected.  New home buyers might seek a thermal inspection as part of the home inspection process.  Anyone who wants to conserve energy can benefit.

A full house scan can take several hours. Thermal imaging scans can be done anytime of year.  For it to be effective, the temperature between the inside and the outside of the house should be at least 15 degrees.

Now the beauty of a thermal imaging scan is that it gives you a quick roadmap to greening -up your home.  Grown up Gadgets, you got to love them.

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