Every Door Direct Mail

For those of you who run small businesses, but are unfamiliar with the Every Door Direct Mail program run by the United States Postal Service, here are some basic facts:

– You can target homes and businesses in any area that you wish, thanks to their online tool. Simply enter an address, zip code, or city and state, and then select the exact neighborhoods or areas that you want to send your brochures or fliers to.

– You receive a discount on postage when mailing your brochures (or other information) to the homes that you’re chosen, thanks to the bulk mail discount.

– There are two different levels of Every Door Direct Mail for  you to choose from: Every Door Direct Mail Retail, and Every Door Direct Mail. Every Door Direct Mail Retail allows you to send up to 5,000 fliers or brochures per day, without needing a postage permit. The main Every Day Direct Mail option is for larger business that send more advertising; there is no cap on daily mailings, and a postage permit is required.

There is some paperwork involved, as specific size limits must be adhered to, and, in some cases (as described above) a permit application needs to be filled out, submitted and approved. In order to make it easier on small business, the United State Postal Service has set up a free kit that can be ordered off of their website that comes complete with more information, all of the details and all of the requirements for the program.

What does this mean for you? As a small business, it’s crucial to advertise. Unlike bigger stores, where advertising is taken care of by the parent company, you need to do it on your own. Without customers, you cannot survive, and if people do not know that you exist, they won’t purchase your goods or services. Thanks to programs like Every Door Direct Mail, you can send fliers and brochures out to the homes in your neighborhood, and, if they are done correctly, you’ll gain some business.

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