Fall Leaf Removal

It never fails — every autumn leaves come tumbling off of the trees, littering your sidewalks, driveway, and, worst of all — your lawn. Sure, they look pretty at first, especially when they are in the trees, but over time, as they fall onto your lawn, they begin to decay and will eventually do more harm than good.

The reasons for removing the fallen leaves from your lawn are numerous. The biggest of which involves the health of the grass — it needs to “breathe” in order to grow properly, even when the weather is cold, and the leaves will begin to smother it. This prevents sunlight from getting in, and will result with your lawns’ root systems not being able to grow before the first snow fall. Obviously, if this happens, your lawn will die, and come spring, you will find yourself having to rip it out and plant new grass. Snow mold is another problem, caused by the leaves decaying throughout the winter as they are blanketed by the thick layer of snow. And again, you will end up with a dead lawn.

In order to prevent these situations from occurring, you need to remove the leaves from your lawn. This can be done in numerous ways, including raking them up and disposing of them in trash bags, or mowing over them and mulching them into your lawn. You can also use a leaf blower to push them onto your tree lawn for pick up, as some cities offer a service where a truck comes along and sucks them up off of your tree lawn. The city then composts them. However, the coolest (and easiest) way to take care of the leaves covering your lawn is by using a Billy Goat. This lawnmower-like device is a large vacuum that sucks the leaves off your lawn and into the attached bag, making clean up easy.

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