Five Ways to Stay Cool

This is the time of year when the weather is both hot and muggy. To beat the heat, some people hide inside of their air-conditioned homes and offices, while others pack their bags and head straight to water parks. Here are five other ways to stay cool:

1) Have a water fight. Break out your stash of squirt guns, water balloons and hoses, and prepare to wage war on your family, as well as the other children in your neighborhood — and even a few of your adult neighbors.

2) Find a swimming pool to wallow in. It doesn’t have to be the pool in your backyard — you can hang out (with permission of course) in and around your neighbor’s pool, or go and swim some laps at the gym. You might also find that the community pool in your neighborhood, area or town is clean, well-kept and inexpensive to visit.

3) Find an air-conditioned cultural destination. If you insist on hiding inside of an air-conditioned building, why not go to a local museum, theatre or library? You can wander around the exhibits, see a live performance or film, or find a comfortable chair and read, all without breaking a sweat.

4) Run through the sprinkler. Not only will doing so make you feel like a kid again, but it will also water your plants at the same time. You’ll keep from sweating thanks to the cool water emerging from your hose.

5) Go camping. After a half-day in the tent, exposed to the full heat of the day, your body will adjust to the temperature and you won’t even notice how hot it is outside. This is the best way to beat the heat and enjoy nature at the same time!

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