House Cleaning Jobs in Columbus – Powell

House Cleaning Jobs at More Time for You

House Cleaning Jobs at More Time for You

House Cleaning Jobs at More Time for You. See if we are a good fit for your needs.




House Cleaning Jobs  – Apply Today! More Time for You is a family owned business, since 1999.  We are a multicultural company.  In addition, we are committed to fairness and honesty.

Want to join a place that cares?  Come on learn more.

Reasons I like Working for More Time for You – An Employee Testimonial

“I enjoy working with the different clients. Have everything I need to do a thorough cleaning of my houses.  My employers are great because they are very pleasant and professional to their employees. and have  a very positive attitude to their employees. They are very understanding if a problem arises and are willing to help.  Everything in general is a very pleasant atmosphere to work in.”  ——–Marie B

House Cleaning Jobs at More Time for You:

Work Independently

Does workplace drama bring you down?   Has it become frustrating to cover for someone else?  Do you like the idea of working on your own?   Would you like to get in shape or stay in shape?

If that is the case, then we think you will really like it here.  You’ll be recognized for your efforts and feel pride working on your own.

Feel Appreciated

Never get feedback on your work performance?  Constantly performing at or above standards – but you don’t know?  With our house cleaning jobs you’ll get feedback from the client’s you’ll be helping.

Only the Best

Does your current employer hire just anyone?   Our selection process is pretty tough.  We do a thorough screening process.    Our house cleaning job needs to meet your requirements and that you meet ours.   We want the best to join us. Be proud of where you work.  Bring your upbeat attitude and willingness to work hard.  You will work in an environment you can excel.


Some companies train for a day or two and wonder why their quality is bad.  We want everyone that joins us to be successful.  Your house cleaning job training may last up to 20 days; most are finish sooner.  You’ll receive product training, video training, live training, and testing.  After you have completed training; you’ll have all the tools to do a great job.   The only thing holding you back will be you.

Workers Compensation

Who pays for your medical bills if you are injured while working as an “Independent Contractor?”  You will.  No worries when you work for us.  You will be an employee.  As a result, covered and protected by our Worker’s Compensation, Bond, and General Liability Coverage.

House Cleaning Jobs Available

We are always looking for talented people to join us.


Working full-time is the best way to earn more. Also, you’ll get through training the quickest.  As a full-time employee, you can expect to start work between 7:45 to 8:15. We offer staggered start times.  You are asked to be available until 5:30.   Because your houses may take extra time or to help out a co-worker at the end of the day.  Most days end before 5.

9:00 am to 2:00 pm (or some other daytime 5 hour period)  Part-Time

Is working 3 to 4 days a week what you are looking for?  Sure we can do that.   As a part-time employee, the training process will take longer, and you will not be eligible for bonuses, paid time off or Holiday pay.  Ypur hourly rate will be less as well.

Who is More Time for You?

Family Owned

We started our business in 1999.  We are very proud of the business we have built and the reputation we have established.   Quality is a result of all of the dedicated employees who have worked for us since 1999.  Our doors are always open to discuss anything you want to talk about.

Wonderful Work Setting

We recently built our building in downtown Powell.  Our office is a great facility and tells you we have been around a while and will be long into the future.

MTFY Officer Building

Award Winning

Do you want to work for an award winning company or one that isn’t?  We have received the following awards.

Better Business Torch Award for Integrity

Numerous Angie’s List Super Service Awards.

National Association of the Remodeling Industry Achievement in Consumer Excellence Awards.

Family Business Award Finalist

Olde Town Village Award – Powell, OH

Employee Safety

Is taking safety risks a part of your current job?  We provide a very safe workplace environment.  No heavy lifting (nothing over 25 pounds.) No tall ladders – two-step only, safe and non-toxic products.  We have been OSHA inspected, and we maintain a complete safety manual and MSDS sheets on all products we use for the safety of our employees and the clients which we serve.

Compensation and Benefits


  • Starting Pay $10.10 per Hour
  • After Training you’ll move to $11.25 (For Full-Time Employees $11.00 for those under 35 hours a week) per hour PLUS eligible for monthly Bonuses PLUS Weekly Gas Card
  • The 9 am -2 pm position pays $10.50 an hour.
  • Fully Paid Training – starting rate $10.10 an Hour.
  • Hourly rate is the same for travel time
  • Weekly Gas Card
  • Six paid holidays off (after 90 days employment and for FT employees only.)
  • Five additional paid days off (after one year of service. for FT employees only.)
  • 10 Paid Days off (after three years of service.)
  • No Nights
  • Rarely a weekend
  • Promotional Opportunities
  • Monthly Bonus Program
  • Drug-free environment
  • Employee Referral Bonus Program


What are the Requirements?

  • Insured Vehicle Required
  • Pass a Background Check
  • Pass a Drug Screen
  • Complete our application
  • Possess a positive and friendly attitude.
  • No fears or allergies to Cats, Dogs or other pets.
  • Physical ability to lift up to 25 pounds.
  • Ability to work on hands and knees daily.
  • Able to twist and turn and sustain repetitive motion with both hands and wrists.
  • Physically able to work standing for up to 8 hours a day.
  • Good or correctable vision to see detail.
  • Comfortably able to drive to 2 to 3 locations per day, mostly within a 8 miles radius of Powell

Click here to fill out the MTFY online job application

Open Application Times:

Stop by Monday through Friday between 9:30 am to 11:30 am or 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm to complete an application.

If you need a special time to accommodate your current work schedule, let us know, and we will make arrangements to accommodate you.

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Wow! $ 11.25 una hora después de 90 días

No Fines de semana, noches o días de fiesta

Comience a construir su carrera ahora:

  • Limpieza Casa Residencial en hogares seguros
  • Lunes – Viernes, 08 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Sin Fines de semana, noches o días de fiesta
  • Oportunidades de Crecimiento
  • Entrenamiento Completo Proporcionado


Lo que vas a ganar:

  • $ 11.25 por hora después de 90 días
  • Gas Card semanal
  • Gane hasta $ 150 en bonos mensuales
  • Vacaciones pagadas
  • $ 300.00 Programa de Referido de Empleados

Lo que usted necesita:

  • El amor de limpieza
  • Licencia – Coche – Aseguranza
  • Buena actitud
  • Pasar examen de drogas y verificación de antecedentes
  • Sin miedo a los animales domésticos.

Dónde le hace trabaja

  • negocio de la familia
  • Abierto 1999
  • Gran Calidad
  • sólida reputación
  • orgullosa tradición
  • Nueva Buidling

Desde: 270

Ir al norte en Sawmill

Gire a la derecha en Camino Powell

Gire a la derecha en la calle Liberty Street

Estamos en el lado derecho


Aplicar Lunes a Viernes 9-11 am o 1:30 to 3;30 pm

Convocatoria de tiempo especial

More Time for You es un empleador de igualdad de oportunidades.

Pase Antecedentes


Información de Contacto

Tel: 614.760.0911


Dirección: 185 S Liberty Street, Powell, OH 43065

Cuando usted va a trabajar:


More Time for You is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


We provide a Drug-Free Work Environment for all of our Associates.

We do conduct county and state-wide background checks.

Our office is conveniently located in Powell, OH.

Contact Information:

Tel: 614.760.0911

Fax: 614.495.0024

Address: 185 S. Liberty Street, Powell OH 43065


Please provide the following contact information:

Spanish Application

  • Aplicacion de trabajo

  • Antes de llenar una solicitud, queremos que lea la descripción de la posición y de esta forma todo. Este formulario se incluye como parte de su proceso de aplicación y todas las declaraciones aquí se debe responder con sinceridad. .

    Lea la Descripción de la Posición Ahora.


    Un Asociado en Mantenimiento del Hogar en un empleado a tiempo completo o tiempo parcial de More Time For You que complete el proceso de entrenamiento y que es capaz de limpiar profesionalmente la casa de nuestros clientes o sus oficinas usando nuestros procedimientos y nuestros productos. Su objetivo principal es exceder las expectativas del cliente proveyendo servicios de limpieza de primera calidad. Somos un Empleador de Oportunidades Iguales / Ambiente Libre de Drogas.

    Funciones esenciales: Seguir nuestros procedimientos al: Sacar el polvo y aspirer curators, escaleras y oficinas; y completar los artículos de rotación Limpiar las cocinas, lavaderos, pisos duros y artículos de rotación. Limpiar baños y artículos de rotación. Mover todos los mueves y artículos que razonablemente se pueden mover y limpiar debajo y detrás de ellos y aspirer los muebles de tela Cargar los productos y equipo entre la oficina , vehículo y las casa del cliente. Flexión constante, movimientos repetitivos, y la limpieza de pisos de baño en las manos y las rodillas y partes de un piso de la cocina en las manos y las rodillas Más tiempo para usted es una pequeña empresa. Si bien el objetivo principal de esta posición implica la limpieza, podemos mirar a usted para ayudar en otras áreas, según sea necesario. Esto puede incluir, pero no se limitan a, lo que ayuda en la oficina, incluida la asistencia con lavandería, limpieza, anuncios publicitarios, organización, etc.

    Beneficios: Nos pagar $ 10.10 por hora y luego después de 90 días de trabajo si no tiene avisos disciplinarios y no más de 3 ausencias durante esos 90 días, su salario puede ser aumentado a $ 11.00 para tiempo completo y $11.00 para tiempo parcial. Usted puede ganar hasta $ 150 en bonos mensuales. Usted recibirá una tarjeta de gasolina de $ 25 cada uno por semana durante 5 días completos de trabajo. Usted recibirá la paga de vacaciones si usted está trabajando a tiempo completo y ha estado con la empresa durante 3 meses o más antes de unas vacaciones elegible. Después de 1 año como empleado a tiempo completo, usted recibirá 5 días dio sus frutos. Usted puede ganar bonos adicionales por referir a nuevos empleados.

    Requerimentos de la Posicion: Debe tener acceso diario a un vehículo confiable con el seguro y la documentación actual para trabajar en los United States. Debe poder trabajar entre las 7:45 AM y 5:30 PM si es empleado de tiempo complete. Lunes -Viernes Debe poder pasar un Examen de drogas, chequeo de pasado criminal y chequeo de historia de manejar. Debe tener una actitud positiva y una excelente atención al servicio al cliente. Debe firmar nuestro acuerdo de no competencia / no solicitar Debe poder cargar hasta 30 lbs. Debe poder comunicarse ya sea verbalmente y por escrito Si usa lentes correctivos (anteojos) o contactos, debe usarlos en el trabajo.

  • Acceso diario al transporte es un requisito de esta posición. Usted es responsable de llegar a nuestra oficina y para el transporte de ti mismo a los hogares se le limpieza. Más Tiempo para Usted no es responsable de su transporte. El vehículo que utilice debe estar asegurado y usted tendrá que presentar prueba de seguro.

    No podemos contratar a nadie que no tenga una prueba actual de seguro de auto. Antes vamos a contratar a usted, usted debe mostrar prueba de seguro de automóvil. Si no nos puede mostrar una prueba, no se le contrató.



Name (First, Last, MI):
Address: (cont.)
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
Are you eligible to work
in the United States?
Is driving to Powell everyday
a concern for you?
Which position are
you interested in?
How did you
hear about us?
Who Referred you to us?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor theft?
If yes, explain the number and nature of the convictions, when the convictions occurred, the sentences imposed and the types of rehabilitation.
Do you have a valid driver's license?
Do you have car insurance?
Do you have full time access to a reliable vehicle?
Are you comfortable working around cats and dogs?
I am seeking the following:
I am available on the following Days (Part-time applicants only)
How many jobs have you had during the last 24 months:
Why should we hire you?
Do you know we are a drug-free company?