Housecleaning Companies and Social Media

Like More Time for You on FacebookFinding a reliable house cleaning company can be very difficult, but it’s much easier if you know how to use the tools that are already at your fingertips.  You can’t log onto Facebook or any other social media site without seeing marketing messages, so the question is whether you can use this information to your advantage.  Yes, you can!  Many people don’t really think much about hiring a house keeping company or any other type of service through their Facebook page, but there are certain things you can find out on Facebook that you can’t learn from the company’s website.

For example, a house cleaning company may list:

  • The owners’ likes and interests
  • The names of the owners and links to their Facebook pages
  • Causes the business and owners support
  • Specials

Being able to learn about the owners’ likes and interests and also the causes they support is a unique aspect of the social media experience. It helps you choose a house keeping company that supports the same types of causes you are passionate about.  This information also allows you to see a bit of the people who own the house cleaning business rather than just the business itself.

Some house cleaning companies also list specials on their site that they don’t offer anywhere else, so it certainly does pay to look for these services online.  It is also much easier to locate a company in your town because sometimes doing a regular search for house keeping companies turns up too many that are not located in your area.  Facebook also gives you an easy way to recommend the company to your friends if you like their services.

Maid services are also using Twitter in their business.  More Time for You uses Twitter to announce specials and a Spot the Truck campaign where followers can win free prizes for simply spotting their lawn care truck.  Follow More Time for You on Twitter.

Social media is simply taking the business world by storm, but savvy consumers know how to use this additional information to their advantage.

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