How can I find a house cleaning company with good and consistent quality?

More Time for You recently started using Survey Monkey to find the real pulse of their house cleaning client’s satisfaction with their cleaning quality.  For the past two months we have sent an anonymous survey to our residential clients. We ask them to rate the individual cleaning employee whom we have hand selected to send into their home.  For nearly 15 years we have included a cleaning quality rating survey on their invoice.  Survey Monkey makes it more convenient and has greatly increased our response rate which is averaging 15%!

So in the words of the late Richard Dawson what does the “Survey Say?”

On a 1-5 scale where 1 is “It’s time for me to find someone else” to 5 which is “Marina (or one of our many other screened employees) Rocks, I am happy to refer MTFY.”  We score a rock solid 4.42 for Quality of Cleaning.

We haven’t received any 1’s yet but a couple of 2’s which is “We need to talk, this isn’t what I expected.”

So what about our consistency of housekeeping quality?

Well, each month the rating has been 4.42 for each month.

Sometimes you have to be careful for what you ask, but if you are fearful of asking the question, then perhaps you already know the answer.

More Time for You makes a $1.00 per survey response donation to Cozy Cat Cottage, a non-profit, and no kill sanctuary for cats.  Take a peek at Aussie; he is just one of our many special cats.

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