How Many Housecleaning Companies Are Out There?

The answer to that question is: A LOT! Any google search on “maid services” or “housecleaning companies” will turn up dozens of cleaning companies in your area. Some specialize in commercial cleaning jobs, others in one-time cleans, such as those that take place after a party, and then there are your standard companies that handle a little of everything: houses, one-time cleans and even the occasional office, depending on its size.

To make matter even more complicated, some of these cleaning companies don’t even have websites! In order to find them, you’ll have to look in the phone book (if you still have one) or in an advertising and coupon magazine like the Gold Clipper. Even your local newspaper might have ads for local cleaning companies, plus, you can also look in any local magazines — many large cities have them.

And this doesn’t even touch on the cleaning companies that advertise on Craigslist. We went into those in an earlier article, but many companies still use their free listings to try to get a few customers. After all, placing an add on Craigslist is cheaper than putting one in the newspaper. (Although you do have to be careful and do your research before hiring a cleaning company off of Craigslist. Look here for some tips.)

There are so many cleaning companies out there that just trying to count them may cause your head to start spinning. Some choose names based on what they do, for example, the word “commercial” or “business” may be in their title, while others go for something cheerful, like the decades-old Merry Maids. Other companies name themselves based on what they do — we call ourselves “More Time For You,” because that is what we provide — more time for the homeowners who no longer have to take time out of their busy days to clean their homes or mow their lawns.

As you can see, housecleaning companies are everywhere, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one near you!

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