I Fired my Neighborhood Kid who was Doing my Lawn Mowing


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Lawn mowing seems like such an easy job, so why wouldn’t you hire your neighborhood kid to do it?  Here are five reasons you should fire him and hire a professional instead for all your lawn cutting in Powell.

  1. When you go on vacation, do you really want to have to worry about whether the lawn mowing at your Dublin home is getting done?  Chances are, you’ll be relaxing on the beach somewhere and lawn cutting will be the last thing on your mind.
  2. Neighborhood kids also tend to be very unreliable, and you never know when they might get grounded and not be able to take care of your lawn mowing. 
  3. It takes an expert to know when it’s time to cut the grass and when it’s time to wait.  Sometimes you may need it cut more than once a week, like if it’s been raining a lot, and the only way you can be sure that someone is watching out for your lawn is if you hire a professional.
  4. Lawn cutting is about much more than simply running a lawn mower and cutting the grass.  It also takes some knowledge about grass, how it grows, and how to take care of it without damaging it.  The neighborhood kid may think he can save time later by cutting it extra short now, but experts realize that if you cut it too short, the sun will end up scorching it and ruining your lawn.
  5. You can rest assured that when you hire a lawn mowing service, your lawn will always be taken care of and you won’t even have to think about it.

Your lawn is the first thing people see when they come to your house.  Why would you trust something so important to the kid down the block?

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