“I Love You Momma”

The tagline of the commercial says it all – don’t spend your life cleaning. There are so many other things that you could be doing, like playing with or spending time with your children. But instead, by trying to make your house as squeaky clean as possible all on your own, you are essentially imprisoning yourself inside and saddling yourself with chores.

No one wants to do hard time in their bathtub and shower, scrubbing their lives away. Their children will miss them, as evidenced by the “I Love You Momma” commercial. It is hard to believe that every day women (and men, as well) spend hours trying to scrub the dirt, grime and soap scum off of their bathtub walls and floor, not to mention the sides of the shower stall, while life goes on around them. That is precious time that could be spent on other chores, or even doing fun things like playing catch out in the yard, walking pets (and kids) in the park, wandering around the neighborhood or playing board games with their children.

In order to prevent this scenerio from playing out in your life, you have one of two choices. You can either use the right cleaning products, as evidenced by the commercial, or you could hire a cleaning service. A cleaning service will take care of your whole house, not just your bathroom, leaving you with those hours free for other, more important pursuits. You will not have to worry about being stuck in a prison of your own making, because your house will be clean and neat — and you will not have had to do a thing!

Since 1999, More Time for You, a Powell based business, has been providing house cleaning, handyman services, lawn care and snow removal services in Dublin, Powell and the surrounding areas.

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