Inexpensive Room Makeovers DIY

The winter is the perfect time to start a small home makeover project. Since the inclement weather means that you cannot go outside and work on your yard, why not make the best of it by redoing a few of the rooms in your home. Inexpensive DIY projects can be accomplished usually within a few days, leaving you with a brand-new looking room that can bring you out of your winter doldrums. Start with these ideas and branch off from here to something that fits your own, personal vision:

1) Change the paint in a room. This can easily change the entire look of a room, and all that it requires is a few gallons of paint and primer — and some “elbow grease.” Just make sure to do it right by removing as much of the furniture as possible from the room, laying down a drop cloth and taping your window sills and door frams to prevent paint from getting on them.

2) Rearrange your furniture (or purchase new furniture.) You can make your living room, office, or bedroom look completely different by simply rearranging your existing furniture. And the best part? It won’t cost you a dime, unless you decide to buy something new for the room, for example, a new couch, bedroom set, or desk!

3) Purchase new curtains or blinds. It is amazing how something so small can change the way that a room looks. Plus, if you want to really go all out, try making your own curtains. There are plenty of templates available, and you get more flexibility as far as fabrics are concerned, rather than sticking with the pre-made kind.

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