Is a commercial lawn mower better than a residential?

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, you may be wondering whether a commercial lawn mower is better than a residential lawn mower for the care of lawns.  This depends largely on the size of your lawn and how much money you are willing to invest in the purchase of your lawn mower.

If you have a large yard, you’ll certainly appreciate the benefits offered by a commercial lawn mower.  These are some of those perks:

  • A commercial lawn mower is made of more expensive parts, and therefore is more durable. You’ll get a greater life span from a commercial mower for your investment. 
  • You’ll also get a superior cutting deck and higher blade speeds from a commercial lawn mower. Cutting a lawn, particularly a long one, will go much more smoothly with a commercial mower and it won’t leave clumps that have to be raked. 
  • A commercial mower is usually belt-driven, so it’s much less likely to be damaged if you hit a rock or some other unexpected object while cutting a lawn.
  • A commercial mower also has a stronger engine because it is intended for heavy use.  A residential mower is intended for cutting a lawn once or twice a week, but a commercial mower is strong enough to take care of lawns all day, every day and keep on going.

                Naturally, you will pay more for a commercial lawn mower.   If you have a small yard and you cut your grass on a regular schedule of once or twice a week, a residential lawn mower is probably sufficient for your needs.  If you have a large yard or acres of grass to mow, it’s worth looking into a commercial lawn mower for care of lawns.  Although the initial purchase is more expensive, it’s a more durable piece of equipment and it won’t need to be replaced as frequently as a residential lawn mower.

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