Is Green Cleaning a Fad?

Green cleaning, that is, using cleaning products that contain environmentally-friendly ingredients, eschewing those with harsh chemicals, and even, in some cases, making your own cleaning fluids, has risen in popularity over the last few years. There are now even cleaning services that specialize in these green cleaning methods, and you can request either a “green clean” or a regular one.

In 2010 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) developed a program called Design for the Environment, shortened to DfE, that checks and approves green cleaning products. Those accepted into the program have their official seal on the label. Look for that seal of approval, or for labels marked “Low VOC” or “Low Volatile Organic Compounds” to make sure that the cleaning products that you’re purchasing are indeed green.

With that said, is green cleaning a fad? Or here to stay? Since the program has been around for several years and green cleaning products are still flying off of the shelves, it is past the expiration date of the usual trends or fads. Add that to the fact that studies are beginning to come out claiming that cleaning products are truly bad for the environment (and, as some claim, bad for our health) it doesn’t seem like green cleaning is going to be disappearing any time soon — even if some of those studies have been debunked as hoaxes!

So, if you are wondering whether you should toss out your old tried and true cleaning supplies and replace them with environmentally friendly, or green ones, the choice is yours. There is no real proof that they work any better than the ones made from chemical compounds, or that they truly are as better for you healthwise than they claim to be. And while making your own cleaning solutions can be inexpensive, doing so can be time consuming and, in some cases, difficult.

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