Is hiring an insured lawn service important?


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Most of you have seen (and remember) the insurance commercial with the grown man playing a teenager on a lawn mower. You know the one: rocks from the side of the yard get sucked up into the lawn mower and thrown through the windows of the house, against the sides of the car — all over the place really — causing quite a bit of damage and making a giant mess. At the end of the commercial, “chaos” on the lawn mower reminds the viewers that if they had cut-rate insurance, they would probably lose money on all of the required repairs. However, if they had chosen an insured lawn service, the repairs would also have been covered.

So, yes, it is very important to hire an insured lawn service. Even though most lawn services would not send out an untrained and highly distracted teenager to do the job, like in the commercial, accidents can still happen. Windows can accidentally get broken, sprinkler heads can become damaged, hoses can accidentally get run over, vehicles can be bumped by large equipment, and the sides of the house can get “bruised” by everything from hand tools to electronic yard tools. On top of this, the people running the equipment (and hired by the lawn care service) can be hurt on the job. Basically, an entire list of things could potentially occur, which is why insurance is a necessity. You cannot predict the chaos factor, which is why it is called that in the first place.

If any one of the above things happen while your lawn care service is doing its job, then your damages are covered. The lawn company’s insurance will pay for repairs, replacements and injuries. You, the homeowner, will not be left short and will not have to pay for things out of pocket. This is why insurance is necessary.

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