Is Housecleaning a Necessity?

Housecleaning – look around your house. While you might see the usual objects like furniture and knickknacks, you’ll have to look a little closer to really a get a sense of the germs and grime lurking throughout your home. The dishes in the sink, food drippings on the stove, bits of cheese or vegetable peels on the floor — these things can get easily overlooked on a daily basis, but are indicative of how dirty your house can become without a regular cleaning service. If left untreated, you may end up with cross contamination and possibly food-bourne illnesses like e.coli and salmonella.

Even the things that you think are benign can become problematic. Dust that is allowed to build up on items can breed dust mites, which many people are allergic to. Pet hair will form clumps in corners and on stairways, which is not only unsightly, but can damage your furnace and air conditioning systems once it enters the vents. Cobwebs in corners can become the welcome wagon for insects and spiders. And while you may think that all these problems take time to develop, they actually don’t. One week is all that it takes for these things to form, as long as the conditions are right.

This is why housecleaning is a necessity, and it is important that the cleaning be done right. Rather than wait until your house gets so dirty that it makes you sick, hiring a weekly cleaning service can literally become a lifesaver. It can take anywhere from one hour to several in order to clean a house properly, taking it from a dust mite ridden and salmonella friendly place to one that is squeaky clean and no longer a health hazard. Maid services can take care of this for you, since they are not only trained in the many ways to rid germs from your home, but are armed with the necessary cleaning and tools and fluids to do it properly.

Since 1999, More Time for You, a Powell based business has been proving housecleaning service in the Dublin, Powell and surrounding areas.

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