Is Your Housecleaner Using Green Cleaning?

Welcome to More Time for You's Site Layout Page Green housecleaning has been an important part of More Time for You processes for many years.   At one time, cleaning products were judged on one thing only; how well they removed the gunk and dirt that was necessary to improve the looks of the items being cleaned.  The next evolutionary step brought people to want to know if the cleaning was actually killing the microscopic germs that lived in the gunk.

More recently, people have become aware that chemicals can be hazardous because of the way they eradicate the germs and bacteria.  Some products that were considered the best in their class were suddenly deemed unfit for use in a situation where humans and animals lived.  This began a revolution that is still ongoing in the battle for cleaning without endangering life.

A pattern is difficult to change in a short time, especially when it has been ingrained for generations.  Some maid services are concerned less for self than they are for getting things clean quickly.  This has slowed the process of green cleaning because it is not possible to get everyone onboard for safety in product production and application.

In a learning environment, not every danger that can result from the combinations of cleaning products has been determined, but the majority of those situations have been identified.

It is much harder to educate the masses than it is to identify the concerns.  Good cleaning companies are much more in tune with the use of chemicals than the average person is.  They know what products can be used safely in everyday use.  More Time for You is OSHA compliant, we label all of our spray bottles and have current MSDS sheets at the ready should the need arise.   Most individual maids will not maintain MSDS sheets.  Protect your family by asking that question today.    For more information on Green Cleaning, you might want to visit ARCSI.  More Time for You is a member of this professional cleaning association.

As everyone becomes more aware of the fragile existence all life on this planet is facing, it becomes even more important to use safe cleaning methods.  People begin to look for “environmentally-friendly” terms on the containers of the products they buy.  Chemically reactive and toxic products for cleaning should be a thing of the past.

For a product to fall under the term of “green” or “eco-friendly,” there are certain rules that must be followed.  It doesn’t just concern the end product for use in home or business; it also takes into consideration the manufacturing process, too.  If the factory doesn’t pollute or produce some hazardous byproduct, it can be seen as eco-friendly.  If products are biodegradable, only then can the product be considered a green one.  More Time for You using some products provided by Earth Friendly, let us know if you would like to order any.

Does your cleaning service provide a green cleaning process for you?  If you don’t know the answer, you should ask. Your safety along with that of your family and your pets warrants that you know the products used in your home are eco-friendly and safe.  More Time for You uses a broad array of green products for the safety of your home, your family and for our employees.

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