Keeping Your Grass Green

Having green grass is very important to every homeowner. After all, the state of your lawn reflects on you, and if your lawn has turned several shades of brown and yellow, then your neighbors might wonder how well the inside of your house is kept. The only solution, besides hiring a lawn service, is to try your hardest to keep your grass green and healthy. Here are some tips:

– Make sure that you have the right type of grass. If you live in a portion of the country where it does not get very cold in the winter, then you should have Bermuda grass, Bahia grass, St. Augustine grass or Buffalo grass. However, if you live in the northern midwest or any other area of the country where it gets colder in the winter, then you should have Fescue, Rye grass, Blue grass or Bent grass.

– Water your lawn just enough. Too much water will harm the roots, and too little will not be enough to keep your grass alive. Depending on the weather, any where from once a week to every other day will be enough for an established lawn. If the weather is very hot, water your grass in the evening when the temperature has cooled, otherwise, the water will evaporate as you apply it and the roots will not have a chance to soak it up.

– Use fertilizer twice a year. You should be fertilizing your lawn once in the springtime, and then again in the fall. This will make your grass healthier and more resilient, which will make it stay green for longer periods — even when the weather is very hot.

– Keep your grass at a length of between 2 and 4 inches. Cutting it too low is not healthy for it, and keeping it too long not only doesn’t look nice, but may put too much pressure on the root systems.




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