Lawn Mowing – Time Saving and the National Debt

Powell and Dublin Mowing ServicesWhat does lawn mowing have to do with the national debt?  Well please read on.   But first, I have to admit a couple of things.  I started today with perhaps a bit too much coffee.  I also need to point out that I rarely try to make political statement since I know there is a great likelihood that at least 51% will disagree.  As a business owner, I don’t like those odds.

So let me keep just to the facts – as I know them – your facts might be different.  The first assumption is there are approximately 320 blades of grass in a square inch of grass.  I call this an assumption since there is different grass density, grass types and let’s face it, not every inch of grass is the same.  So please bear with me and accept this assumption.

The next parts are pretty straight forward math, so I will call these facts – predicated on an assumption.  There are 6,272,640 square inches in an acre.  This means there are 2,007,244,800 blades of grass in an acre.

Your basic standard push mower covers a path about 20” wide. This means you would have to push it 26,241 feet to cut a full acre of grass.

More Time for You’s big Exmark lawn mower cuts a path 5 feet wide – or 60 inches.  Now if Tim drove the mower in a straight line, he would only have to travel 8,712 feet to cut an acre (5’ X 8,712’ = 43,560’.)

I took a look at our National debt as of 11:15 am on August 24, 2011.  At that time, the debt figure was $14,645,494,390,155.  Now if we can agree that there are 2,007,244,800 blades in an acre, we would have to cut 7,296 acres to remove 14 trillion blades.

You would have to push your mower, 26,241 feet to cut an acre or 191,462,391 feet to cut 7,296 acres.  That measures out to about 36,262 miles or 1 ½ times around the world.

More Time for You lawn mower would have to travel 8,712 feet in a straight line to cut one acre.  So to cut 7,296, Tim would have to drive the mower 63,565,514 feet (8,712 X 7,296.32) This works out to about 12,038.92 miles.

To prove this theory Tim is now of his way to Perth Australia (11,240 miles from Powell, OH.)  Wave if you see him.

Moral of the story:

It is far easier to have More Time for You cut your lawn than it is to cut the debt.

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