Lawn Mowing – Why is a Sharpened Blade Important?

Lawn Mowing Services from More Time for YouLawn mowing is made so much easier when you remember to sharpen the blades of your lawn mower regularly.  There are several reasons having sharp blades is important, but the main reason is to keep your lawn looking good.  You can definitely tell that it’s time to sharpen those blades because your lawn will start looking very dull or having a whitish tinge to it right after you mow.  This is an indication that each blade of grass is being torn off rather than cut.  When you think about cutting the lawn, just remind yourself that lawn mowing should be about cutting rather than ripping.

Ripping your lawn up is not good for how the turf looks, and it’s not good for the general overall well-being of your lawn either.  After all, lawn mowing should be about not just making sure that the grass doesn’t overrun your house, but also keeping your entire yard manicured and looking great throughout the lawn mowing season.

Aside from ripped or torn grass, you run into several other problems if you continue your lawn mowing with dull blades.  Think of dull blades as actually lowing your lawn’s immune system.  Suddenly, just by mowing the lawn, you’ve made your grass is susceptible to the following diseases:

  • Insects
  • Heat problems
  • Diseases
  • Chemical burn

By mowing with dull blades, you’ve made it extremely difficult for your grass to defend itself against these issues.  You also spend more on your water bill because you will have to water the grass a lot more often or risk having to replant it altogether.  Grass is actually more delicate than it looks, and it’s up to you to take care of it.  Lawn mowing also requires sharp blades just for the simple fact that you’ll use less gasoline in your mower by mowing with sharp blades.  This is because sharp blades will cut right through the grass without facing resistance from it like dull blades do.

More Time for You invested in what we deem to be the best device – the Magna-Matic.   This is a high performance blade sharpener.  We use this often to provide the best lawn mowing look we can in the Dublin and Powell, Ohio area.  We also provide mulching, edging and other lawn services in addition to our award winning housecleaning services.


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