Loving Mom’s

Sophia and Emma were having a delightful conversation during a morning coffee get together.  Their children had grown up together and their youngest had both just entered 1st grade.  They started talking about what’s next?

Neither wanted to lose the intimacy with their children, yet they both admitted they were filling a bit bored.  They also talked about the high costs of kid’s clothes and their desire for a bit of fun money for their family and to help pay the bills.

But what is it that they could both do and still have a lot of time for family?

Both Emma and Sophia thought it would be tough finding an employer that would have a job that would fit their needs.  Where would we start?  They both thought about it for a moment and decided to check out Craigslist.

They headed back to Emma’s house and went to Craigslist.com. Emma selected Jobs and then General.  A ton of jobs popped up.  Warehouse, don’t think so.  Forklift – nope.  Janitorial 2nd shift, not for us.  Here is an interesting one.  Loving Mom’s.  That one gets our attention, what are they looking for?  Let’s take a look.

Loving Mom’s

Is it time to let go-just a little?    Would some extra income be welcomed?  Do you have a friend in the same situation?

More Time for You can offer you unique situations where you and a friend can job share and still have quality time with your family.  We offer two attractive alternatives, with your special needs in mind that you and your friend can choose. Option one, you work five days a week and your friend takes the week off.  She can watch your children when you are at work and then during the next week you reverse roles.  The second alternative is for you to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday of one week and then Tuesday and Thursday of the next week and your friend has the opposite schedule.  The choice is yours!

You’ll enjoy time out of the house, while not sacrificing your primary role of Loving Mom.   Oh yeah and you’ll be making money along the way.

For fourteen years More Time for You has been provided award winning housecleaning services.  We are a company with integrity, having received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Integrity.  As a family owned business, we know the importance of family.  One of the reasons we enjoy such a wonderful reputation is we have so many Loving Mom’s on our team.  Come join us.

Sophia and Emma liked what they saw and they called More Time for You at 614.760.0911 to find out more.

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