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I like change – but when it involves technology it takes me out of my comfort zone for our Columbus based cleaning, lawn care and handyman business.

As a rookie, I thought my initial WordPress blogs might serve as a guide for those desiring to make the leap to new things – but harbor the fears of the unknown.  I will share my path on how I got here and I’ll outline my stumbles as I move forward.  I will welcome your help and words of wisdom on making my falls less painful – so don’t hesitate to lend me a hand.

Like all good planning, you need to start at the finish line to see where you want to go.  A clear vision of the end result is necessary – but like everything you have to stay flexible as you walk the path.

So let me start at the end and then I’ll jump back to the beginning.

As I read a little about successful blogging, it became pretty clear what the vision for our blog should be.  Help make More Time for You.  While we provide house cleaning, lawn mowing and handyman services, we are always looking for ways to help people find more time in their day.

So we created our foundation and found an exciting way to get fresh and relevant content.  We will ask our friends, fellow business owners, Powell and Dublin Chamber members, our NARI associates and other experts for their time saving ideas.  We will share these on our blog.

Getting Started…..

While I’d like to take the credit for getting this all started – it just wouldn’t be the case.  Like many other business owners, we always seem to have too many things on our plate.  Sometimes we just need a little gentle shove from a trusted advisor to get things in motion.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with an extremely talented and creative graphic designer, Steve Davidson, for 20 years.  Steve suggested it might be time to upgrade our web site.

The first emotion – Excitement – That will be great. It will look fantastic.  Our SEO rankings will get better.

Second emotion – Fear – Move from FrontPage – Yikes?  Lose control – Oh No?  Learn something new – Who’s got time for that?  What about my current SEO positioning?  How will I do it?  Remember what happened last time – we started and never finished.  What is it going to cost?

Lesson Number One:

Many business owners like to claim we are risk-takers. However, we all prefer to minimize the risk – that, in my opinion is what distinguishes the successful from the unsuccessful.

So what got it going?  Trust.  Steve said to me, don’t worry, we will figure it out.  Steve had always delivered timely and quality work.  I knew his word was good.  Our housecleaning business is built on trust. I still had anxiety, but I knew I had a trusted person whom I could count on.  I had successfully reduced my risk.

Next Step……designing the site.

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