Making MTFY – Implementation

There is a must read book for those seeking MoreTime for You.  After you schedule your housecleaning with us you’ll have more than enough time to read the 4-Hour Workweek, authored by Tim Ferris.    Tim wouldn’t be impressed with my results, as I am still working as many hours as I used to.  But I am far more productive and effective after reading it.  Check out his blog and read the book.

So what takeaway did I learn from the book?  The wonderful world of freelancers and specifically  At you can design projects that you’ve always wanted to do, but lack the time and the expertise.  There are tons of resources worldwide and just a click away.

So here is what I learned.  I found that WordPress could not only handle our blog – but could host our web site as well.  Basically a 2 for 1 exchange, I like those returns.

Now here is where elance kicks in.  I had no idea how WordPress worked.  I had no idea how plugins worked.  I had no idea how to take my brand new web design and load it on WordPress.   What I found and what I learned is I didn’t need to know it all; I just needed to know what I wanted.  Then I could ask the pros on elance to help me.

So now I was dealing with programmers and WordPress experts in India, Buffalo and Denver.  They were doing in days  – tasks which would take me months – not to mention the reduced stress and frustration.  I finally had found more time for me.

Check out WordPress and Elance

Ben from Buffalo

I found out when I posted my project to get the revised web site up and running that WordPress was an option.  I also found an elancer that was up to the task of moving my temp site to WordPress.  Ben handled all of the details and even agreed to make the updates after 11:00 pm on a Friday when hardly anyone is looking for a housecleaner or a handyman.  Here is a link to Ben’s elance account.

Lesson’s  Learned.

Get familiar with as many helpful resources as you can.  They will open up new paths to exciting places.

Next Time – Some Early Results

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