Merchant Circle

Whether you are a merchant or a consumer, Merchant Circle can help. Looking for a cleaning service? Or, from the opposite perspective, are you cleaning service that is looking for customers? No matter which side of the equation that you are on, Merchant Circle can help.

A consumer can go to Merchant Circle and search for what they’re looking for in their area. This is made easy, thanks to the dual search boxes on the main Merchant Circle website. There’s a box for the terms, to continue on the example above, “maid service” “housecleaning” or “cleaning service,” and a box for the area, whether you want it broken down by city, state or main metropolitan area. If you aren’t sure of exactly what you want, you can click on one of their many categories and pick a company (or two) out from there. Once you do your search, you receive a series of companies that fit your search terms. You can then read the reviews that have been posted by your fellow consumers, and check out the information that the company has placed in their listing. All of this helps to make an informed decision.

From the other side of things, the business owners’, signing up with Merchant Circle gives your company additional exposure. Since the consumer does a search based on what they’re looking for, if you are offering the service or good that they want in their area, your company pops up in their search results. On top of this, Merchant Circle results are cross-linked with Google, so your results will show up in their search engines as well. You can customize your profile on Merchant Circle, which includes changing your key words, in order for potential customers or consumers to be able to find your company better. On top of this, you can also keep an eye on your online reviews listed on the site, so you will know what people are saying about your business!

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