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Merry Maids vs. More Time for You

 Every homeowner wants the best for their home, and More Time for You has set the bar higher.  You have many options when it comes to housecleaning agencies, including franchise companies like Merry Maids.  But More Time for You goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of your home. 

             Here’s how More Time for You compares with the competition:

  1. We have a 200 percent guarantee.  That’s right.  If the job isn’t done up to your standards, we will rush right back and do it again.  If it still isn’t right, we’ll come back again to find out exactly what you need.  We accommodate special requests from our customers because we value their business.
  2. We give your home a thorough cleaning.  We even vacuum the furniture, dust the window sills, and wash down the cabinets in your home.  All of these jobs are done on alternating visits.
  3. More Time for You cares about the details.  Every time we come to your home, we take out the garbage, clean all the floors, make the beds, and even dust the baseboards, light fixtures, and walls.  We also make sure every part of your kitchen shines, including the inside of your microwave.
  4. We offer reliable service every time.  No homeowner wants to come home and discover that the cleaning service has broken something valuable.  Our maids are very respectful of your belongings, but unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen.  Integrity is a requirement of the house cleaners we hire, so we will replace your possessions if something does happen.

 More Time for You gives you a supremely thorough cleaning by trustworthy, reliable staff.  Does your cleaning company do that?  Merry Maids has a good reputation as well.  We invite you to compare for yourself.  Either way, make sure you select housecleaning company – you deserve it.

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