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Whether you’re looking for information on the differences between various maid service companies, trying to figure out exactly how much it costs you to mow your own lawn, or want to know why the maid service that you hire should be drug testing its employees, then you’ve come to the right spot. The More Time For You Blog is about more than just the company behind the name, although, yes,  you can find out more about us by reading some of the entries. For example, we have this post on Why You Should Hire More Time For You and this one on Our 200% Guarantee.

However, those are eclipsed by the general knowledge about housecleaning, handyman services and lawn care that you can find in our blog. Several useful titles include those on various cleaning products:  Green Cleaning Products Effective?  What do about the issue of subcontractors: Is It Okay to ask if a Service Provider’s Employee is a Subcontractor? And sources of information about handyman services and do-it-yourself repair: Handyman How to for Home Improvement. There are even tips on how to do a useful search on Yelp, and how to check the Better Business Buearu website before hiring or doing business with a company. If it encompasses cleaning services, lawn care, handyman services or anything else along those lines, we’ve either covered it here or will cover it in the future.

Sharing our years of general knowledge about the services that we offer is another way of helping out our clients and frequent readers. While the topics usually revolve around what we know, there are others that crop up from time to time, so you will just have to keep checking back or wander on over to our Facebook Fan Page or our Twitter account to see what information we’re talking about this week.

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