National Night Out – Housecleaning Safety

There are a lot of households that have housecleaning services.  As part of the National Night Out program, here are some safety ideas to consider regarding your home.


Most people don’t think that OSHA would interact with the housecleaning industry.  They do and they should.  OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) requires housecleaning companies to be fully compliant with rules protecting both employees and consumers.  As part of the compliance, companies are required to clearly label all products that they use as well as maintain MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheets) sheets.  The reason being is in the event of a spill or someone inadvertently drinking or coming in contact with various cleaning chemicals, the service provider will have instant access to how to treat such a condition.  Not all service companies have an OSHA policy manual, but you might want to make sure yours does.  As we all have heard, better safe than sorry.  Your OSHA compliant service provider will share the content of their policy manual upon request.

More Time for You has been OSHA compliant for many years.  We have an OSHA manual that contains a MSDS sheet on all of the products that we use.  All of our product bottles are labeled and we provide protective equipment for our employee’s safety.

Drug-Free environment.

Could selecting a drug-free service provider increase home safety?  Here are some statistics from the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation.  Substance abusers file 300 to 400% more costly medical claims.  Fifty to 80% of pilfering and theft losses are due to substance abuse.  Some 70% of serious workplace accidents are related to alcohol and drug use.   Pretty daunting statistics.   Selecting a drug-free service provider certainly seems to reduce your potential at home safety risks.  Ask your service provider what their policy is.

More Time for You has been a drug-free company for many years.  We do pre-employment drug screening and random drug testing.


Many housecleaning companies have a key to your house.  Here are few questions to ask if you give a key to your home. How are my keys stored?  How are my keys identified?  Does your insurance policy cover rekeying my home if the key is lost?  Ask them to describe their policy and be comfortable with it.

So there are some things you can do to protect your family as you continue your service provider search.  Paying attention to these three items can help reduce your risk.

More Time for You securely locks your keys away.  Keys are numbered; with no other form of identification should it be misplaced or lost.  We do have lock replacement coverage in the event it is needed.

Come visit us tomorrow night in Powell.

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