Natural Filtration Systems

There are several different routes that you can take in order to filter the air inside of your home in the winter when it is too cold to open the window. You can purchase an expensive electronic air filtration system, or choose a simpler, more natural option: houseplants. These do more than make your house look nice or add a touch of green to each room. Like all plants, houseplants filter the air by taking in CO2, and sending out oxygen.

Any houseplant will work to filter the air, but some are better at it than others. In fact, there are a number of them that naturally remove various chemicals as well. Some of these include rubber plants, spider plants, English ivy, Chinese evergreens, golden pathos, weeping figs (ficus) and snake plants. Flowering houseplants that do this same job are the Gerbera daisy and the peace lily.

On top of this, English ivy, peace lilies, golden pathos and Gerbera daisies filter benzene from the air, and all but Gerbera daisies take care of xylene and toluene, too. There are also houseplants that clear chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia and trichloroethyline from the air. Odds are, all that you will need to clear from the air is carbon dioxide, but it good to know that your houseplants will do double (or quadruple) duty.

One word of warning: before purchasing a houseplant, make sure that it will not be poisonous to your pets. There are a number of plants that can make your cats or dogs severely ill, if not fatally ill, if ingested. Check with your veterinarian, or a trusted website, like that run by the ASPCA, before choosing which plants to buy.

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