Now For the News

Did you know that More Time For You started 30 years ago as a Florida news organization? Need proof? Check out the video above. We were ahead of the times in believing that reporting the news would be a thing of the past, like print newspapers are today, so we switched over to cleaning.

Back when we were a news organization, we specialized in spending more time on everything. Those in Florida who wanted more news on the local government, more in depth details on senior issues, and more sports (and who doesn’t want more sports) could tune in to our 9 hour long newscasts. We think that they were nine hours long, anyway. Sometimes memory fades with time, and since most of that time was spent gathering, collecting and talking about the news, our memories faded more quickly than they should have.

The real downfall of the news broadcasts wasn’t their length – that was manageable, although sometimes the broadcasters passed out mid-sentence. (After all, this was before energy drinks and double-shot espresso drinks.) No, it was the fact that we believed that reporting on the news would soon fizzle out. So we switched the entire company over to one that focused on cleaning, trained our broadcasters on the proper ways to hold a mop, and moved from sunny, warm Florida to cloudy, precipitation-heavy Ohio in order to become the company that you know and love today.

Although our focus has changed from reporting about issues to cleaning up tissues, we are happy. And those pesky television news broadcasts are going to vanish any day now, right?


Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day in February. We were never a news organization. See our About Us page for the real truth. We just think that it’s funny that back in the 1980’s this Florida news station was all about More Time For You.

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