One Person Cleaner or a Team?

When hiring a cleaning service for the first time, one of the more pertinent questions to ask is: do you send over a single person to do the job, or do you send a team of cleaners? Why does this matter? Because the quality of the job depends on it. Look at it this way: with a team of cleaners, one of them needs to be the leader who assigns various tasks to the others. If no one takes charge, then chaos ensues and you can end up with things getting overlooked or wind up with an incomplete clean. Even with someone in charge, the old saying, “too many cooks spoil the soup” comes to mind. Basically, with a team of cleaners, things can get accidentally skipped over, miscommunication can occur, and your house may end up being not quite as clean as you’d hoped.

The advantages of a single cleaner from a housecleaning service are two-fold. One, the quality is better. Since the cleaner is not feeling rushed by the team that he or she is working with, care can be taken to ensure that everything is as clean as possible. You won’t have to worry about things being forgotten or overlooked, since the cleaner has his or her own methods of staying on task and cleaning everything.

The second advantage stems from security or safety concerns. If something should go wrong, then there are no questions about who is to blame. There isn’t a whole team of people to ask when something gets broken or ends up damaged — there’s just one person. This means that problems get solved quicker, which works to your advantage.

In reality, the decision to choose a company that provides one person rather than a team of cleaners is yours, and yours alone. However, when you look at the comparison above, the answer is clear: one cleaner is better than a team.

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