One-time Cleaning Pitfalls

Whether you need a hand cleaning up after a massive party or just want your home to sparkle and don’t have the time to do a deep-clean yourself, it’s time to hire a cleaning service for a one-time clean. While the reasons for needing only a one-time clean can vary, there is only one expectation: a spotless house. However, setting the bar too high can lead to disappointment. Here are some one-time cleaning pitfalls that you need to keep in mind:

1) Your house may not end up as clean as you’d like. Believe it or not, there are limitations to a one-time clean. Whether they are time-based, or due to the fact that the cleaners are unfamiliar with your home, small things can accidentally get overlooked. It happens.

2) You weren’t as specific as you should’ve been. If you aren’t used to hiring people to do the work that you usually tackle on your own, then you might have felt uncomfortable giving instructions to the cleaners sent over by your one-time maid service. This can lead to communication issues, and will make you feel as though they did an unsatisfactory job, even though they did what you told them to. To prevent this, make sure that all of your instructions are clear, and don’t feel like you’re a horrible person for “bossing” your cleaners around. They’re getting paid to make you happy.

3) You underestimated the job. Cleaning service professionals are on a schedule, and usually have more homes to clean than just yours. So, if you hired them for a specific period of time and your house wound up being far messier than planned, they may end up rushing in order to get the job done, or may only get a portion of it completed. When hiring a cleaning service, it’s always better to slightly overestimate than underestimate, that way you know the job will get done.

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