Online maid service search – Powell, OH

If you did a search on Google – or any other search engine, for that matter – for maid services in Powell, Ohio, how many results pop up? The answer? Dozens. Some are local branches of national cleaning chains, while others are smaller, locally-run services, like us, More Time For You.

The real question is not, “how many results did you get,” but is instead, “how did you choose which company to call?” Did you decide to just go with the first on the list, or did you go to a few websites and check the companies out in more depth? We hope that you did the latter, since there a number of things to look for in a cleaning service besides their name.

When choosing a cleaning service, makes sure to ask the right questions. These include:

– Is your company licensed and bonded? This is important, since the insurance company will replace things that accidentally get broken during the cleaning process. It may not happen often, but things like this do occur. After all, everyone is human.

– Does the cleaning service drug test their maids? We do. Would you want someone who is under the influence of drugs cleaning your house? Of course not — this is how accidents, theft and other problems occur.

– What rates do they charge? Are they per-cleaning person, per-hour, per-job? They may very, so you need to know exactly how much they will charge to clean your house, or else you may be left with a “surprise” — like a higher bill than expected, for example.

– What types of cleaning services do they offer? Some responses to this may be classic cleaning, one-time cleaning and green-cleaning.

As you can see, some investigation is needed once you have completed your online maid service search!

Since 1999, More Time for You, a Powell based business, has been providing house cleaning, handyman services, lawn care and snow removal services in Dublin, Powell and the surrounding areas.


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