Pet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning up after your pets can be a nightmare, especially in the wintertime. Dogs can track in ice and snow, which melts into little puddles all over your floor. And although cats are not normally outdoor creatures, they leave behind messes of their own. In order to prevent your house from turning into mass chaos, here are a few tips to help you clean up after your pets:

– Keep a towel (or two) near each door to wipe down your dogs (especially their paws) after they enter your house. This will help keep them from tracking mud, ice and other debris all over your clean floors. If you make your dogs wear boots outdoors, set up a mat to place them on, and make sure to remove the boots immediately as your dogs come in the door.

– Purchase a vacuum specially designed for pet hair and related messes. While a standard vacuum will remove at least some of the pet hair, ones designed for this purpose will reach down into your carpet fibers to remove all of the dander and ground-in hair. Plus, if you have a lot of pets, a standard vacuum may “burn out” quickly, whereas a special “pet vacuum” will be more heavy duty and able to deal with the mess.

– Set aside bins, boxes or other storage devices to store your pets’ toys. Since dogs and cats leave their toys everywhere, get in the habit of picking up them periodically — right before you go to sleep is the best time, otherwise you risk tripping over them in the middle of the night. Having a series of bins in a corner of your living room or in your mud room gives you a place to put their toys at night or right before company arrives.

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